Philippine Election 2016

Today, May 9th of 2016, the Filipino sovereignty will have to make important decision that will either make our country better or worse for the next six years. It is in this day that we will be looking back in 2022 and will ask ourselves, “Have I chosen the right one?”

I bet this question was already asked by many Filipinos when they voted for the candidates vying for government positions way back 2010 Election. I was only a mere teenager at that time. Years passed by and it’s sad to know that most of my countrymen, if not all, have regrets or remorse on the current administration, the same administration they supported six years prior. Blame game is everywhere. Nonetheless, I doubt if anyone ever stood up like a real man and accepted full responsibility. I doubt!

A registered voter such myself, choosing for our future leaders was never my intention why I registered myself in the first place. It was all due to the requirement needed for me to correct my birth certificate.  I care less enough because in my mind, as much as a leader with a hunger for change and development is needed, Filipino citizens with great sense of patriotism are much more required for a better country. One cannot function without the other. They’re co-dependents.

Yet, as a registered voter, I feel ashamed that I wasn’t able to cast my vote for the candidates I prefer. I need not to resonate because things happen for a reason. But for the first time, I realized that a careless, neu-patriot individual, just like any semi-undecided voters, will have a vision on whom should be put in place of the current administration. Shall I say is it because the environment of where I have lived for the last 5 years has become so contagious and invincible? I ever wonder and I need not to say who.

For the first time, Philippine election has become more interested than of the past presidential elections. Partly, may it be because of the diverse backgrounds of the presidentiables which came from local, national and alleged international (#ifyouknowwhatimean). These individuals never failed to make headlines almost everyday due to unending controversies. Ahh politicians be like!

Aside from that, the birth of social media, COMELEC and TV stations’ initiative to conduct national debates in addition to the background checks for the candidates and Filipino people, whom are becoming more aware of the existing problems of our country, have been the force behind this phenomenon. There were endless cyber wars, ordinary people-turned-into-political-analysts, throwing of allegations, black prop and the like which helped boast interest among individuals to even seek for the best candidate.

Even the past were recognized and brought back to light for an alleged trick to bring some people down. Those who have lived in the past might still get hurt, but those who have already left it tend to see the new beginning. They’re hopeful and fearless.

But I guess, in pursuit of bringing back the history that we ourselves tend to repeat it. In fact, the past has long been repeated even before the upcoming newly-elected president will have the chance to lead our country for the next years to come. We are too much afraid of the past even if we couldn’t defy what had already happened. We cannot let our history define our future. By letting it go that we may find ourselves looking in the future with more hopes- hopes that our soon to be president have big roles to fill.

With these scenarios filling up the political atmosphere, I am convinced that a lot of work still has to be done after this current regimen. They have left so much to the point that six years wouldn’t be enough to rectify all. When one says rectify, it means a clean-out from all the mess coming from the past, not just the present. It also translates to rebuilding our nation if deemed necessary. Yet, the work to be done does not only limit to national, but to international as well. We have already been involved into international issue which was again, left unresolved. The current regimen must have owed a lot to the next administration- if not to the person they allegedly vowed to destroy.


Despite of possibilities, I still believe that every candidate will be able to fulfill these duties. We hope to support this person all the way and not to become too affected by an upcoming syndrome- Bitternes after Election. 

However, there’s only one I know can do it better. Guess, you know who!

May the God blessed this election, the candidates, the people who have casted their votes and most especially, to the future generation who will be directly affected of today’s result. And yep, may the COMELEC may redeem their once tarnished reputation along with a big broadcasting network. Arghh!

Mabuhay Pilipinas!



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