Lone Time

Even before my younger years (hey, I’ma still young despite turning a year older tomorrow 😀 ), I’m such a lone time sucker. Either I get to the meeting place ahead of time which is a really rare case, or just being with myself, I’d really enjoy the time when I’m alone.

That’s why when I get to know this place, the Executive Cafe and Wine Galore, I quickly learned to adopt its cool vib and the significance it brings to those who really wish to spend lone time like myself, study, plan and making different stuffs like projects and etc.

And since I was there earlier, I took chances to take photos of it. I don’t know, I just found photography as something I enjoy doing. 😀



Lone time is me time! 😍

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Hah! I was just lucky enough not to have any costumers so the room was all quite. You could go all emos down there!

Hey, I’m still drafting my next adventure so stay up! 😉


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