Down the Ocean: An Intro Dive

Yeppy! It’s been quite a long time since I had my last post. It was abrupt and I felt like I needed to share these overdue posts to get rid of my guilt.

Yes! That’s when everytime I get back home and I promised to publish one post but ended up falling asleep.  😔  Plus the fact that WiFi’s gone so this gonna be my first time writing a draft and post it using my smartphone.  Hope it’ll work.

Okay, let’s get down to my main business. Who else wouldn’t feel such excitement when you do your first time thing , right? 

That’s what I felt the moment my colleague asked me for an intro dive.

Hell, it was so exciting to hear, yet knowing that I’ve never been in much deeper-than-five-feet-deep-due-to-lack-of-swimming-skills scared the hell out of me. Arghhh! Dragging down 50 feet made me wanna scream but that’s too exage to say. 😀

Since I was almost an hour away from Magsaysay Wharf and being too driven by such excitement,  I went to our meeting place almost 2 hours in advance. Two hours were hard to kill so I managed to stroll within Magsaysay Park, something that never happened in my entire five-year stay in Davao!! Guess, I’m not a city-stroller by nature. 😉

Perfect sunrise to start a very long day. 🌅 #underwateradventureawaits

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Good enough, the sun was just starting to shine so I was able to capture a perfect sunrise.

Another wonderful thing to witness were those elders who were so keen in keeping up healthy lifestyle. When I get there, some of them were already playing badminton, jogging while one group were setting up a yoga or zumba. Too inspiring! ❤ 


See? If they could do it, why wouldn’t we?

Yet, two hours had passed and we’re bound to Talicud Island. The travel would last at least 45 minutes so there was an ample time for orientation.

Too good to say, the Carabao Dive Center made a great job. Sorry, the whole album came out instead of the first one.

That pro diver introduces us to the equipment and assured us we were not going to have a hard time operating those staffs. All we need to do was to breath normally through our mouth, practiced equalizing, taught us about hand signals and most of all, enjoy. 😀 And they taught us the meaning of SCUBA- Self-Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus.

When it comes to the equipment, we had 1:1 ratio. Each guest will have one guide so it’s the guide’s responsibility to operate the equipment. Hence, no hassle.

As I wait for my turn, I captured my colleague’s photo for herself. I also tend to look arund and took an island’s photo.

Pretty summery love.

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After then, I tend to swim around with my life vest on and made my first ever underwater photography. 😀 Some would be credits to Rai and to Carabao Dive Center.

You trying hard underwater photographer. 😝 Eh eh, bring me back here.

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From that pic above, I guess you can notice the bluish suit under water. I saw the other guests took their dive, so I took few shots using my phone.

Then the corals. ❤

It's a different world down there! 🌊 #scuba

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Bouquet under sea. 🌊 #CoralGarden #CarabaoDivers

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#aqua #seabed #underwater #underwaterphotography #photos #corals #reefs

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Maybe time got so killed easily, so the next thing I knew, it was already my turn to dive. Yey!!

Oh God! I had my goofball hiding the moment the guide placed the tank behind my back. He went on instructing me how to equalize and never let my ear hurt. When it’s time to go down, I panicked and I felt like I couldn’t breath. We went back to

To equalize, pinch your nose closed and gently breath out against your pinched nostrils. There it goes, everything went up easily from then. This was the Coral Garden- a known diving spot in Samal. ‘Twas success and total heavenly!

Underwater photography ain't no easy! #crowded #stampede

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The world under the sea was beyond words. It was so special. You couldn’t anything. It’s like you yourself alone in the middle of sea creatures. It’s easier to appreciate the corals, fishes and different kind of species. It was wonderful! Samal Island has indeed a lot things to offer.

After about 30-minutes of diving, we went back to the boat and had our lunch. We went straight from Coral Garden to Angel Cove which was only minutes away from the former spot.

Sea and sand. Diverge in one.

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In there, I went up snorkeling again. The pro divers, including the last batch and the doctors went down for some research while the former had their dive session.

Since it was low tide, it was easier for me to take a snap of corals. Hahah!

Zoomed. 🔎 #corals

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#reefs #corals #coralphotos #underwaterphotography #m4

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#underthesea #underwaterphotography #corals #reefs #aqua #marinelife

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If I was to compare these photos to the pro diver/photographer, it seems like these corals were like grasses in the mountains. They’re easy to disregard. Even I have only limited photos of them, the amount of appreciation to the underwater world was intense, so as the need for preservation.

When I get down there, the current was blowing as off, creating a non-stability to take pictures. We need to hold on to some corals for our guide to take a snap. We touched some of those but I was too scared thinking something might come out and bite me.

When I relay this to my sister, who was a licensed PADI diver, she informed me that as much as possible, we shouldn’t touch anything underwater, especially the corals. They’re sensitive and were home for the fishes. So imagine how many people got to touch those species? There must be an impact if we got to think of it in a huge perspective. I even saw some trashes underneath and some plastics floating. It was a sad reality.

Nevertheless, this kind of activity made us all aware of what’s happening rather than depending on the TV news. The doctors whom were pro-divers themselves, might be on their way on preserving this dive spot. Who knows? It’s the same thing as mountaineers and any environmentalists alike. You go out, you enjoy, you appreciate the beauty then feel the need to preserve it. After all, it’s all gifts and nothing is ours to take.

Wider horizon. #quickscapade #summer2016

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I hope you did enjoy. All photos with me as the one who pose were taken by Rai, my colleague while the underwater phot0s was brought was Carabao Dive Center as part of the package.


P850 – Scuba Intro Dive (inclusive: diving equipment, boat transportation, life vest and pictures in CD)





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