Recently, I made my first ever post of caffee store here in Davao. That was pretty awkward since the place was just starting to bloom and it’s not really my thing to go over and find some great restos or caffee. I’m no fan of luxurious dining inn. But with some circumstances, you’ll get to try something new. This time, it’s in Perch  Kitchen and Bar.

It was my colleague’s birthday when she invited us for a dinner. Since it would be much to a surprise to decline such offer, I accepted it. Haha That was my first time to get inside Feliz Centrale, the newest mall which was opened I guess over a year ago. Haha Told you, I’m no city-stroller by nature.

The first thing I recognized was it’s cool interior, plus the great food. We were the only costumers, or maybe had it exclusive, which made the birthday celebration extra special. Asking what we need is immediately taken care of. They’re very attentive!

Since it’s located in the second floor, it was so cool to see the city lights.

I wish the upper photo was taken a bit professionally. Haha

I knew thing thing has become addictive. Never in my previous life would I take few snaps inside the fancy restaurants or cool places but I just feel like it. Hahah It’s very spontaneous hobby.



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