Leap of Faith: Adventures in Maxima AquaFun

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I’ve been off the cut from nature tripping these days so I’m gonna stick you around inland or beach resort. Here’s another story of not-so-adventurist drama.

My working schedule has always been a factor whether or not I’m available on those planned trips. My classmates in college decided to have one summer getaway to catch up with ourselves and to check what everyone has been doing doing ever since. When we had a conflict of schedule, I knew I’m not gonna make it out with them since I was already schedule to hit the floor on Sunday. Luckily, Jade decided to hang-out with me with a plan of continuing the summer getaway the next day with my other friends. Ah too cool, he has the freedom of getting his own schedule.

We first decided to go for Isla Reta with scuba diving in between but the lack of reservation made us decide to opt in for Canibad Resort instead. I went there a few times already, unlike him who’s going to be his first time to visit the resort. Knowing that I still had one mission to be fulfilled, I agreed to go there with him and his friend.

Unfortunately, the rain was pouring pretty hard on that day. Many of the habal-habal drivers wouldn’t dare into coming to the place. Mind you, the road was challenging enough even without the presence of the mud, how much more if it was raining? In addition to that dilemma was the fact that the road was under construction. We came into realization with my schedule the next day in my mind. Ahh we need somewhere where we can readily access transportation and had some fair share of fun. That’s when Jade suggested we could go to Maxima AquaFun. He had already visited the place before, so it was me and his colleague who’s going to pay a first visit.

From the bus stop Penaplata, it was more likely a 30-minute ride to the resort. It was known for its Giant Waterslide, Water Blob and other water sports like scuba diving, banana boat riding, kayaking, snorkeling, jet skiing and dive board jumping. They also had a canopy walk in addition to these thrilling activities. You can score most of these activities in just P300 (unlimited) except of course for some water sports which need additional fees (e.g snorkeling, scuba diving, jet skiing, kayaking and banana boat).

It was around noon when we arrived at Maxima. After the payment, we were surprised at the entrance when we were instructed to sit down to a cable car which they fondly called as “Johnny’s Ride”.  This ride will get you down to the beach instead of walking down the stairs. According to Jade, the Johnny’s ride was among the new amenities of the said resort since it wasn’t yet available during his first visit. The ride was quite slow yet it would give you an ample time to take pictures from the top and enjoy the beautiful scenery of Davao City.

Killin' trek. Johnny's ride. #MaximaAquaFun

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Down the beach, I find it hard to take descent photos around the area since there were a lot of guests passing by. Needless to say, it was expected to have such huge crowds during weekends.

In pursuit of beating the summer heat. 😁😚 #summerscapade #Samal2016

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We immediately find a little space for us to leave our things. We ate our lunch and then head over near the Giant Tarpaulin slide to suit ourselves with a water vest. Haha Everyone’s required to wear one, whether or not you’re a perfectly good swimmer or non at all. 😀

The first thing we did was to dip into the blue sea with 120 feet deep. Thus, it was also a perfect spot for diving. Even at the shallow part, you could immensely see the corals and multi-colored fishes. We spoiled ourselves enough while the two prepared for their jump.


Bloomy sky and giant slide combined. #summerfun

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Moving onwards, my colleagues who had been adrenaline junkies decided to go for a dive board jump while I, the scared kid among the three, volunteered for a video recording. Sad to say, taking a video with my phone was pretty darn hard. It ended up being all messed up.


Now, it was my time. Good God! You’d never know how I muster my courage to get on the dive board. There were actually guys in queue before me and I was imagining those who jumped before me. Technically, it was easier to SEE than DONE. 😀 When you were down the water, you would feel the intense whenever someone’s trying to jump. When they got stuck, you’d felt like pushing them to end the agony.


Well I guess, that’s what they were thinking when it was my turn. I looked back and said how these boys made me jumped first when I was supposedly the last in line. While my legs were trembling to death, I heard the crowd cheering; some would give you tips and words of encouragement from my friend while he was holding recording my epic 20-30 feet jump. HAHA I even tried to surrender but then why the hell I was here when I couldn’t jump that low. After all the dramas and a minute of forcing myself, I finally made my second-long splash. HAHAH A few seconds versus few minutes of getting stuck up, now that was really the scariest thing, like EVER.

My nerves calmed after then. I wish there was that water blobs but at that time, these weren’t available for guests to use. Instead, we enjoyed ourselves climbing over it until a bunch of teenagers followed. We left the blob and head over to the floating board made of wooden planks and huge plastic container to stay afloat.

Weather feels! #rainymorning #EndofSummer

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Raining summer. 😄😉 #summerscapade #MaximaAquaFun

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After then, we tried to do the Water Giant Tarpaulin. Once again, I let them do it first before mine. When it was my turn, I instructed the man to push me instead or else I would hang on to the corner and let myself be consumed with fear again. Haha, Good thing it was a lot easier than dive board jumping wherein you get to decide when you will be going to jump. After only a few split of seconds, I plunged down to 120 feet deep-sea after sliding over to a 40 feet Water Giant Tarpaulin. Yey!



Then it’s their turn!


The rest of our stay was the dedicated into coral picture-taking. Haha Ever since I got my water proof phone, I treated this like a real digital camera. I swam around looking for potential corals to be photographed while my colleagues decided to grab a snack.

Great #corals at #MaximaAquaFun! Should have been a great diving spot.

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Ahh so lovely! 😍😍 #marinelife

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Deeeeeeep feels. #marinelife #corals

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Brain's out.

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Taking underwater photos were a bit challenging. You couldn’t keep up your position stable because you get swayed by the current all the time. The same thing happened when I did first take photos during our scuba adventure.


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Unfortunately, while doing this, I observed that some parts where a coral devastation was imminent. It was specifically near the shoreline. Some of these corals were already covered with cement, hence making these inhabitable for fishes and other forms of life under water in a long run. During low tide, it would be really hard to shy yourself away from these corals. You either stepped on them or get your legs and thighs scratched. I, myself was a victim of such. Either way, it was really a sad reality. Whenever there is an infrastructure development going on, it would really be hard not to get these small things sacrificed. 😦

Later, we find ourselves taking final photos of sunset before heading back to the city.

Wiggin' summer. 😊😄 (c) @sok_jade #summer2016

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Just before the day ends. #chasingsunset

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But before that, we had to climb up the stairs and reached for a staff to look for a habal-habal driver for us. Such a great day had come to an end!



P 50 (P100 vice-versa):  Bus from Magsaysay Park to Penaplata Bus stop

P 25/head: Penaplata Bus stop- Maxima AquaFun

P5/head: Environmental Fee:

P300: Entrance Fee/Use of amenities and unlimited dive board jumping, swimming, Water Giant Slide Tarpaulin, Canopy Walk

P75/head: (flat rate) transportation from Maxima AquaFun to Barge



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