Short Escape: RLG Swimming Pool Resort



Hooray! Getting back to my old self while complying myself to turn drafts into posts- a number of memories and a place at a time.

This time, I’d like to share some of the rarest inland resort in Davao. Choosing an inland resort over beaches is one good idea especially if you would like to have your colleagues to stay overnight or if anyone would love to pass by. Samal Island is quite far so technically, an inland resort near a celebrant’s place is therefore a good choice.


Ako lang daw bisitahin nya!! Tatatata swimming na.

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The best thing here was that when I reached the place, there were only few customers checking in. When I arrived, the staff asked me if I was one of my colleague’s guests. I said yes and when I roamed my eyes around, the whole place was really quite. It felt like the whole place was exclusive.

With that, I took advantage of taking few photos. It was being said that it one of the newest resort in town, thus magnifying its modern architectural design rooms among other amenities.



It was really not my type but maybe the cozy vibe had kept me going. A few snap here and another few snaps there. Haha, now I felt like I was one pro-photographer. I never thought taking photographs would really be fun- especially at night.

Chasing the night away. #nightswimming

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And who wouldn’t love it when you wake up staring at the beautiful sunrise?


Morning sunshine. 🌅

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How about the picturesque view of Mt. Talomo from afar? Oh memories!!

#ATM Overviewing Mt. Talomo. It's been more than a year.

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And the drops of water splashing from the fountain, dancing against the light waves from the sunset. ❤ ❤ ❤

Sunset love.

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More of the place was the fact that we get to bond with my co colleagues. Their bullies, hunting sesh and laughter’s are the ones to be missed.

Now, who says I’m no sephanx? HAHA


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