A Birthday Letter

Happy birthday to you. I know even if your time-line there tells you it’s 24th, I’ll still follow Manila time. 😛

I won’t mention your age because I want them guessing.😉 Nevertheless, I want you to celebrate this year again because you have done so much for us and for me in particular.

Thank you for being my unending guardian. Sometimes I would think you’re probably my mother only that we are born from the same Mama.

I am humbled by your virtual presence and moral support. Whenever I feel lost and everything seems to be not in order, you try your best to put it back in place and reminds me of few things that truly matter. 😍😘Everytime I try so hard to hide 😢, you seemingly feel what’s wrong and then you’d call me 📞 and we both make daydreams 💭together. 😝😂

Did I make you cry na?? Hahaha I love you endlessly! 😘😘😘 I won’t be afraid to face the world because all of you are there. 💪


Today, someone across the globe is celebrating her birthday. That someone is no less than a sister of mine. I wish her nothing but the best of life! She deserves it more than anyone else!

Source: A Birthday Letter


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