Creating Moments to Last: Haze Haven Resort


Now this post, though it might appear to be another getaway, but I could share my fare share on the kind of life we’re having at this moment.

I have always proven myself to easily let go on people because they just come and go. Others, however, make you want to hold them even more even after separation. To mark this down, we decided to have one short team building in Samal, specifically in Haze Haven Resort. That place was finally realized after having too many options like for an overnight stay in BuDa mountain resorts up into inland resort in Toril.

I have been with my former team for almost a year now. There is a constant change and people do leave in various ways. This time, it was for real. Our team got split off, with half of us going to the two other teams, respectively. Never have I felt that anxiety. I get used to having different team leads each and every time but to be in another team is whole lot different story. Frankly speaking, I am still having different vibes with the new ones. I got to be with our new team but our then team lead was transferred to another LOB, thus replacing another one. Fortunately, he has this vibe similar to our former lead so the transition wasn’t hard enough.

Now, that was the other side of the story. The other part was being half amazed by this place- Haze Haven Resort. Half because we thought the beach was only a walking distance away.  Haha



Good thing they have two husky in possession. These husky canines were quite friendly to strangers so touching their foreheads weren’t scary at all.

It was said to be one of the newest resorts. There were no guests at that time do I was, once again, free to move around and took few snaps!


The yellow one was where we stayed overnight. Guess, it was a lot better when we we’re in pink house, only that it was reserved with the other guest beforehand.


The swimming pool. The depth ranges from 4-feet-5.5-feet deep so I was happy to dip myself without having to worry at all. 😀


Fronting the pool side was this open-wooden cabin. It would give you a great view of the so-called three peaks from behind. It was a great spot for breakfast. ❤



And this one amenity that they have: a telescope!


What a great sight to behold! 😍 #ThreePeaks

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The three peaks composed of Mt. Apo, Mt. Talomo and the unknown mountain- allegedly Mt. Zion for other veteran mountaineers. Nevertheless, Three Peaks these mountains were called because of the three distinguished peaks from afar.

In between, we had one riding experience when we decide to buy some goods from Penaplata. So whenever your coming here, be sure to have everything complete or else, you’ll get an almost one hour helluva drive to the market with a chance of getting caught by the rain and get your legs numb because of blocks of ice waters.

So this was one happy pill experience.  The next day, we were already bound to different teams and new leads.




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