Post Thoughts

Okay, this seems to be the most awkward post ever. Why?

Recently,  a lot of things just keep on coming.  It never stops until I bleed. It never forgives, it never reconsiders. This is just the way it is since then. Its unforgiving nature forces you to get back, fight harder and do better. No reconciliation,  just pure actions.

This is how things work, and I let it be. I let the way how situation handles me rather than me mastering the situation.  I’ve become the slave, the master is the circumstances.  I just let it happen anyway.

Why would I do that? Maybe because there are things I cannot control nor options are unavailable to grasp. By being a slave, you’ll get to see what it’s like to be free. But freedom, less complexities become worse. It’s not helping. You need to get back, it said.

“I’m tired.”

Those last two words awaken my soul. Memories flashes thereafter. The vague vision, staying in comfort zone and lots of settling for less. That was the standard truth. Mediocrity.

A silent moment.

Finally!  Pieces by pieces, everything becomes clear. It makes sense. It has now a direction.  You just can’t stop when you wanted to. It’s too restricting, too demanding. This time, you’ve got a higher price to pay for what’s less remains less, and more becomes so much better. That’s it! No “or”, “but” and “later”. It’s simply between “now or never”.


Again, there’s the unending,  one-word question.  I’ll have to figure out or I guess I already did. One way or another,  it’s bothering,  crucial,  hectic,  tireless consuming and nonetheless, motivating.

The feeling of always been in a secure spot. When you are pampered and everything comes easily.  No extra effort. Even presence is enough.  Again, that’s mediocrity.

Now I’m not telling this composes the the whole of you. It’s not either. Mind that you’ve also had a fare share of everything – sweet, bitter, spicy and sour. It’s just those aren’t enough because you’ve had a whole thing in front of you.  It’s good that you decided to start.  Finish it. Finish what you start.

Never have you become so sure on what you are doing. Never have in your life where you have fixed your destination and be truly obsessed with it. Because of this, the intent becomes stronger that your timely doubts,  swirling minds and swaying moods.

 It’s enough that you have stucked your life with other people’s vision and mission. Their life will come next. Make their statement of success becomes yours, those words coming from your own mouth. Make it worth and let it live for longer time, longer that you could ever imagine, longer than anything anyone could have ever imagine.


4 thoughts on “Post Thoughts

  1. This is so well written and gripping- sent chills down my spine! If you have a moment, please check out my blog too because id love to know what you think 🙂 Great post, I can’t wait to read more of them!

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