Cheat Day at Lachi’s

Here we go again! The weeks’ been pretty tough and I ain’t have so much words to say. Bitter as it is but I still wat to find some sweetness in life whenever possible. Well, that sounds so figurative. 😉

Literally, here’s a dose of sweetness to sweeten your mouth and help put aside the bitterness we feel inside without weighing down your budget. ❤ ❤ ❤

Yellows and nuts.

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This is how we usually spent our cheat day. Cheat day comes after our payout. Thankfully, almost all of our team are foodies themselves so hanging out to places like this isn’t new. After all, who doesn’t deserve to have on good meal after weeks of hard work, right? 😉

Sweets for the night.

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These slices of cakes cost around from Php 100 -Php 200 but it was all worth the dime. Even the meals are only below Php 100 but all you can taste is quality and better tasting recepies.


Pasta baby.

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I’ve been to Lachi’s Sans Rival Atbp one prior to this and the first time was really epic. Epic to say not because I enjoyed the food but my taste buds didn’t cooperate well. Luckily this time, I wasn’t wasted enough so I was able to enjoy every bite. Honestly, I learned my lesson not to dine restaurants with delish variants of foods and pastries when you’re quite wasted.


Aside from exeptionally delicious goods and meals, the staff were undeniably hospitable and accomodating. It’s a great customer servce in action in  way that we hopped in during peak hours and the place was quite small for the number of customers flooding in. Even after reservation, we were accomodated the soonest possible and find space to dine. That’s, for me a big plus!

Happy dining!


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