Golden Gate Adventure Resort: Nature’s Neighbour and Man’s Wilderness


As I have known, my days in BPO days would be over soon so I promised myself to gave last hurrah on this team-building finale’.

The Golden Gate Adventure Resort in Katipunan,  BuDa, Davao City was no stranger to me as it was previously chosen as one of the venues where we supposed to hold our team-building before my former team was dissolved.

Personally,  to say that this place held special moments is an understatement. Beforehand,  my TL had given me assignment to search for place, the budget cost as well as the activities before presenting in front of them. It’s like under the notion that “Hey,  this is your last TB anyway so mind as well do the privilege! 😀 ”

Anyways, we came down to decide that Golden Gate is the most preferable one as it offers various amenities (e.g pool, free use of kitchen and etc.), extreme rides (e.g zipline) and outdoor activities like caving and trekking to nearby waterfalls.

The weather was so fine in Davao. However,  it changed dramatically as we reached higher altitude in BuDa which gave as a “foggy-ride”. It was even quite challenging to spot the signage as the road was almost zero – visibility.  Thanked God it was seen just in time before missing it when the driver slowed down from driving.


Literally,  we were all shivering by the time we stepped out from the van. I’m just overjoyed that my teammates loved the place.


Below are the guesthouse for rent. One has the attic where the guests can stay for Php 300/pax.



The attic.

Inside the main guesthouse are the kitchen, spacious living room and balconies three-story balconies.



The first option was to take the attic as it was the lowest cost for Php 300/pax. Fortunately,  our TL managed to negotiate and convinced the staffs to let us stay in other guesthouse (below) with two rooms at the same price (Php 4800 for 16 pax). It was made possible as it was on weekdays and the guests who were there were about to check out.

Plus, who would really want to get crazy on the attic, right? 😉




Each room has its own lavatory, washroom, two bedrooms with enough mattresses and huge empty space for “craziness”. Surely,  the privacy that we got from having these rooms helped us unleashed the demons in us. Never mind how we danced and drunk the night away – that was even after we exhausted ourself from that day’s adventure.

Meanwhile, the jaw-dropping temperature didn’t even stopped us from taking countless pictures before preparing for lunch. I, at the same time, roamed around the place on its freezing cold temperature.


Canopy for Free





Speaking of craziness, even the  5-feet deep swimming pool which water came from cold spring, was not exempted. Surely,the Bacardi has its own ill-effect, so were the beverages I kept in tasting earlier that day. Imagine splashing on its deadly cold water at 12 midnight and stayed there long enough until some of your colleagues came to the rescue?  And nope, it wasn’t me as I made my way back to the room safe and sound.


The night fell and the sun came out so lavishly the next day. Thus, a perfect time to ride a two-way zipline. I didn’t bother to roam around on our last day as I did it on the first day. Aside from that, you wouldn’t want to spot good scenery when your phone was brain dead and needed to be checked as soon as we get back to Davao. To make things worthwhile, I volunteered to be my colleagues photographer instead.


Now here’s a catch!

Apart from witnessing my teammate who was so afraid of heights he couldn’t even stood up properly when zipline harnesses were secured on his strap, everything went fine until this happened. Two of my colleagues were the last to do the duo ride on their way back to the original position. As it happened,  a strong wind from the opposite direction prevented them from reaching the platform. Meanwhile, the rope which supposed to hook on their pulley slipped through, making them slid back to the middle part of the zipline cable. Good thing, the staff was quick to assess and immediately grabbed their rescue equipment. They were left suspended in the middle for few minutes until tying additional rope made the rescuer reached them just in time.

Now you know, this is isn’t a typical know-how travel diary. It did happen and it was really crazy.



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