EPOL Falls: Adventure in the Most Unexpected Way


Team-building ain’t be no fun without a little bit of adventure. And since they got me all in charge of the activities,  mind as well give them its perks. After all, adventure is what excites me most, regardless of its intensity.

That same afternoon after arriving at Golden Gate Adventure Resort,  we decided to push through our waterfall itinerary.  It was so foggy at first but then it slowly disappeared as we walked through half a kilometer. Thus, with the view (picture below) and abundance of blooming flowers and plants at the street side, you wouldn’t find yourself exhausted.




These took us hours. I say hours because I mistakenly regarded our resort as the “nearest”one from the waterfalls, when all it takes to get to EPOL Falls from our resort was a “little more than 2-hour of walking”,  including the trek down to waterfalls itself.

Being able to walk through the same hours on my previous visit to EPOL,  I never thought it lasted that long. Anyways, they want fun, so I generously gave them one. 😁

Reaching the reception area, we paid Php 7 as entrance fee and another Php 7 in the house located just above the waterfalls for maintenance purposes.

After which , they were down to the last part – trekking through the rocky then muddy, steep hillside for another 30 minutes. I could hear them complaining as most of them were wearing slippers. That again, was my honest mistake as I thought the area wouldnt be so muddy. 😂😂😂


However, I made sure everything would be worth it. I myself may have been able to see more beautiful waterfalls before me in the past, and each of them requires hours of walking or trekking.  The same way for first timers, everything becomes more beautiful when you spend a lot of energy to see it. That was simply rewarding!



But I didn’t stop as I knew there’s still another cascade located above. That was a lot quieter unlike with the main one.

So I pushed them for another ascend and end up being the lead man/sweeper. In mountaineering linggo, sweeper is the last man on queue, assisting those who were physically exhausted and/or lost.


I never heard any complain after then. Who would really want to complain with this right?

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The strength in flow. 💦

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Nature at its best.

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Ooops! 🙈


That was a good more than two hours of trek. We stayed for another few hours posing for pictures and its sceneries. While we decided to plunge on its cold water, others content themselves into sitting on the edge of the cliff where the water flows at the right side. I guess, they’re too afraid to get slipped as many of my colleagues,  including our TL himself,  were victims of slippery. Poor, they would rather hear the loudness of our laughter with a pinch of bullyness before anyone would ever attempt to help.

A little more time was spent at the main waterfalls before waving our goodbyes.

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So much in it that we let the time pass so fast. Everyone of us packed our things and moved slowly,  but surely. Without bringing any extras, we’re bound for another 2.5 km walk back to the resort wrapped in a cold, wet clothes, plus the exhausting body as well.

Now imagine how much whinings I’d heard from the moment we reached the highway and embarked another more than two-hour journey or a total of 5 km. 😁 😁 😁


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