My First Filipino Christmas Gathering


Celebrating Christmas with the the Filipino Community (KAPIHAN or Kapisanan ng mga Pinay na may Asawang Indiano sa Hindustan)  in India somehow renews the essence of this season. Just like the KAPIHAN memebers, we’re celebrating this season away from our loves ones in Philippines, but being with them, India feels like home.

Everything was set up so early. I was one of those who arrived first as I was tasked by my sister,  whose the current president,  to be in charge of the preparation.

When they arrived in the afternoon with some in full costume, it was decided that everyone would have food first before starting the programs. I was seriously craving for Filipino menu for so long, thus, my most favorite part aside from gift-giving.



And Filipino desserts will always be included.


Paneer curry (below) and dhal were also among the menu.


After then,  we had short activities and games for kids and couples alike. Kids had drawing contests, limbo rock games and other plays they would surely enjoyed. The husbands also had gathering on their own,  a drinking sesh perhaps until everyone was united for a BINGGO game.

Then came the gift – giving. The parents were asked to buy gifts for their children and made them to believe that they were from Santa Claus. Such funny how some kids were able to caught their parents (my nephew were among of them).

The night ended and it was again, a memorable and warmth one. I truly appreciate this Filipino Community as it gives family to those who are away from their own respective Filipino families. The children, despite referring Christmas as a regular holiday,  got to experience how Filipinos celebrate this season of the year. It reminds them of their roots, their culture, their second home.

Merry Christmas from us to yours!


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