Glimpses of New Delhi



Delhi is way more diversified in general. It is where mostly post-modern arts, architectures and even all-things-trendy co-exist with their historically-significant places (e.g forts, sites).

Just a week after I came back from that overly-exhausting waiting game, I got to finally see my sister whom I haven’t seen since 2010 (I promised to make personal post related to this one. πŸ˜‰) Though unplanned, our Delhi tour was materialized (through HoHo Bus) as part of the supposed culmination of their stay.

At HoHo, it was like the first time we experienced a personalized tour. We were only given a paper with the list of 18 destinations which include museums, temples, forts, Indian gate, government establishments and markets. Along with the destinations are the list of bus number which would picked you up at the place where you were dropped off after 40 minutes interval. Before your first dropped off, please ensure you have asked for the boarding pass to which you will have to present on your next assigned bus.

Entrance fees for some destinations are also present in that piece of paper. It would be better to ask the tour guide for a map brochure as this will show you the top-most visited destinations. It’s a perfect way to save time and energy, aside from having this map brochure souvenier.

The bus will roam around while continuously dropping those tourists who want to visit a particular site. If you aren’t interested on the next destination, you can skip that off and continue with your desired one.

Fortunately for us, we decided to visit Gurudwara Bangla Sahib after googling it over the internet. It’s actually the Sikhs worship house or a church. Few practices I have noted upon this visit.


This drop-off seems so convenient as there’s already sign boards to where you are supposed to wait. Though you must, on the other hand, be very aware of those trying to lurk you around while waiting, if you know what I mean. Being time-conscious is also a helpful way to avoid being left behind and in return , had to wait another 40 minutes just like what exactly happened to us on our next destination, India Gate.


The Gate of India isn’t just known for the memorial site but also for its uber wide surrounding. I remembered having to walk around a hundred meters from the highway just to reach the gate under the scorching sun. Bad enough for my sister who had an ankle surgery.

Forty minutes wouldn’t really be enough not unless we’ll have to ride an auto rickshaw. So this explains why we were left despite being at the pick up only 10 minutes behind the scheduled pick up. Challenging as we have no way to track our bus’ location not unless we have to call the head office ourselves.

Next drop off:

Rashtrapati Bhavan

Yay, the caption says it all.


Finally, we’ve reached to this last destination, Dilli Haat. Still a few have left but really, the tour progressively became so exhausting, in addition to Delhi’s hot weather.

Obviously, we were pretty much hungry so we decided to end our tour with a food trip. Thankfully, a lot of food stalls were available to offer variety of food .



Feast feels, right? Hahah

After awhile, we continued roaming around the stalls. They ended up buying some sarees, long skirts and souvenier. While canvassing, one particular encounter almost went to an argument as caused by language barrier and misunderstanding. Thus, if you aren’t sure that you will buy an item, it would help a lot to refrain from asking or you’ll ended up listening to their “seemingly” unsolicited buy-from-me-or-ask-me-not kind of speech. (PS: I prefer to describe that situation as such as I could be wrong since there was a clear misunderstanding caused by language barrier.) This could somehow ruin your shopping experience. Otherwise, some salesmen would give you the pleasure to choose items and explore other item yourselves.

Either you listen to me or experience it yourself. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚




22 thoughts on “Glimpses of New Delhi

    • Hi Joy. Sorry it took me so long to get back to you. Festive days kasi recently eh.

      But anyways, with regards to food, if you only have an adventurous taste bud, ma eenjoy mo ung food nila since they have various of flavors na never ko pa natikman sa Pinas. Hahah compared to ours, masasabi ko napaka bland ata ng food natin compared sa kanila because we’re only exposed to few flavors.

      So far, my first visit here, i don’t have any problem. I can eat their food everyday pero may effect siya sakin like madalas pagbabawas ko and the body odor changed din. So when i went back to PH and started eating Filipino food ulit, nawala naman so at that time, nafg aadjust ung body ko sa different spices nila.
      When i got my employment visa and started working, binawasan ko pagkain ko ng food, except nalang during pooja or ung wala akong baon and i have to buy at the cafeteria.

      Sa cleanliness naman, i can see na same ung street food setting nila satin sa Pinas, may unhygienic din and merong hindi. But as for my brother in law, he usually encouraged me not to buy from outside.
      And when it comes to environment, Im just lucky to stay with my sister whose family is living within society (like apartment) so no issues pagdating sa garbage disposal. But outside, same lang din satin, may marumi, may malinis. HEHEHE

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    • HAHA Hi Miss Ammie, wah it took me so long to get back to you. But Ill answer your queries sa abot ng aking makakaya.

      Gurudwara is comparable to Catholic Church satin. Dito nag woworship ung mga Sikh people (the one’s wearing turbans). Those people na nagpapainom were actually volunteers (usually, even Hindu temples were filled of volunteers who will assist you from parking your cars up to transporting you back to your vehicle after paying respect.) Ginagawa nila yan to cleanse and as part of “blessings” (eg like ung holy water sa Catholic Church, one we go out, di ba nag sa sign of the cross tayo) since itong umiinom, they spend few hours sa loob to pray and listen to their guru. After that, usually may lake orpool of water wherein nag huhugas sila ng sarili nila and some would even take a bath.

      It’s really amazing na you will see these things in person. HAHA Thank you po!

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  1. Oooohhh ang ganda naman sa mga lugar na napuntahan mo ❀️ minsan kapag Indi ang naaalala ko ay yung Slumdog Millionaire dahil paborito ko yun. Naiisip ko minsan parang Pinas, mejo magulo hehe. My former senior boss is an Indian national and nung umuwi sya jan, bumili sha ng magagandang hikaw pasalubong. Bet na bet ko 😍

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