Holi: Fun and Frolic way of Celebrating Love and Colors



Festivals are always fascinating. There’s no doubt to that especially when one comes from a festival-driven country and here, another a totally overwhelming experience. Fortunately for me, I’ve always been welcomed with such festivities everytime I  set foot on this foreign land.

Holi is mostly celebrated during March where it’s towards the end of winter and spring time is about to begin. Perhaps, this one deserves a holiday as winter season, though does involve snowfall in NCR, can still be considered a freezingly-biting. Mind you, I’m a tropical girl and we have fair share of humid and coldness but never had in my life where three layers of clothes wouldn’t be enough to spare me from chilling. And I was so darn obsessed the whole time for a first-snow experience. 😏

Anyways, their spring time is almost similar to our summer. It’s kinda humid as well but temperature goes higher each day. Thus, bright colors can be very symbolic during this season. Even their “pooja” offering (as shown below) has this organic color powder in addition to cow dung (the one in the middle next to that white bowl), some woods, dried fruits, tikka, rice and some Indian delicacies.


As technically the visitors, we were not exempted from the pooja (prayer). Aside from fasting (yep no non-veg for one day), we were also encouraged to gather at around 7pm at the dining area and do the following steps.

First was to make 7 rounds of the candle over the offerings (dung and wood) using the right hand while to the left hand holding the right elbow.

Then, you will pick small pieces of delicacies, dried fruits and a pinch of colored powder, rice and tikka powder using the right ring, middle finger and the thumb. Each item will be separately put into the offerings, one after another until all members were done.

Before this offering will be offered to the bon fire which is mostly prepared by socities, each of us received tikka on the forehead for the married and in between greeted each other by putting some colored powder on our body parts.


The above video showed the actual celebration of Holi where everyone was equipped with water guns with colored waters. We also had colored powder to be thrown to anyone and there’s music and dance in under the sprinkling water. To say it’s really overwhelming is totally understatement. So much fun and frolic.

If you noticed , we had covered our faces with silver paintings since this will allegedly save us from a lot of dyes that will stick to our skin for days. Having this as covered will make it more easier to get rid of the color.


To wrap this up, the society managed to prepare food for everyone as seen on the picture above. After effect will also be noticed when you happened to eat something that has “special” ingredient. Nothing to worry though as it gives you nothing but a good sleep and relaxed body. 😉


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