Love at Greater Lengths: Baby’s POV


Ohhh am I adorable? ๐Ÿ˜‰

Oh yes, all of you must agree that we, the youngest humans as of this date, are all adorable. After all, that’s what they’ve bargained for in exchange of my helpless nature.

I’m two-month old now- 59 days to be exact. And as far as I am clueless about ย anything at this point, because all I know is to suck at my bottle’s nipple, someday, I will come to know that the circumstances of those people around me have changed because of their love for me. How is that possible?

Long after I was conceived on my mom’s womb, I came to know (through my Mum as we were connected ๐Ÿ˜‚) that my Mausi had to come over to be of her help. Accordingly, that was the latter’s topmost priority in addition ย to meeting my father’s family (kind of family union)ย and an exposure to different culture.ย Thanks to those mentioned parameters (and ME, yes ME), it didn’t took long before my Mausi said yes.

See? I am and has always been so irresistable even before I came out to this world. ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

I was almost on my 7th-month inside the tummy when she arrived. Everything seemed better since then. I felt my world has grown so big and blissful because I got to hear different voices from the family, including my choto chachi and chacha, mama’s friends at work and at KAPIHAN as well as my family abroad. Everyone was so excited to see me.

My energy has increased day by day. I kicked my mom more often regardless if she’s at work or at home thinking of so many things, which mostly includes my bhaiyas. Sometimes, I spared her all those movements, which I think hurts her, whenever I felt like she’s into something. The umbilical cord which connected us both enabled me to feel more of her, better than anyone else. I could feel her strength, which I guess she rooted from those people around her and those who knew her better.

All throughout the course of pregnancy, she restrained from eating too much of her favorite food as advised by her doctor. That, despite of having my Mausi around and having better appetite because she finally had a companion. She did it because of me, her third baby to be born via Caesarean delivery. In return, I seemed so small on her tummy but fortunately, very healthy.

Earlier this year, my Mausi was sent back to Philippines because she got a new job. My mum was so happy just like everyone else, and so am I. Everyone, including me, expected her to come back hopefully before my birth.

Unfortunately, things happened the way they did. She got strandedย for a little longer than expected.

On the day of my birth, which coincidentally happened on my Boa’s birthday, I was held by my Papa who took my picture and sent it to all my relatives and their closest friends. They were so happy. They wished me all good things they could wish and pray for. I felt so welcomed.

All at the same time, my Mausi was having a bit of mixed emotions. I could tell she’s feeling guilty for making everyone worried. More than that, her primary purpose of coming over was suddenly crushed down by not being around during my mum’s delivery. It dawned to me, inasmuch as she’s feeling ย all of these, she had more urge to come back and tell me, “Sorry I was a bit late, but now, I got some good deal for you. I’ll be staying up until late this year to help your mama and papa watch over you.”

I couldn’t wait to hear that until Mausi finally arrived on March 11th, certainly missing my 1st month celebration. During her absence, someone came and filled her spot.

It was fine because after all, I have Mommy Joy whom my mum never saw since 2010. Maybe I shall put it into perspective- it it weren’t because of my arrival, they might wouldn’t have the chance to see each other spend time for at least a month. Good thing Mausi was able to catch up too soon. I am so blessed I have them with me- my papa’s family as well as mama’s.

I am well-taken care off by the people around me, which obviously made my mum extraordinarily happy.

Everyone else felt the same way.

So to all the babies out there like me, we aren’t just blessed to have life. We are blessed by being a blessing to someone else. No one knows how much you have changed the course of the lives of those people around you and how much you’ve made some people stronger with your presence, with your life.

You are loved. I am loved.


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