Facets of Motherhood: A Mother’s Day Celebration


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Motherhood won’t be understood broadly if its definition will only be limited to those women who have conceived and raised children. It is with under some circumstances which motherhood goes far beyond that typical definition.

As the youngest and being the one who actually have seen the motherly acts of those around me, I realized there can be many facets of motherhood.

My mother is a classic one. She used to be very supportive in whatever I do at school during school days. She’s a constant figure on my grown-up years and portrayed an image different from what she’s used to be described by the people around her. Through her, I get to know my siblings’ characters, their struggles and stories – things which I never fully observed as a child. Thus, everything I knew and how I see life as a kid generally reflects on how she view things as well. These views, however, were challenged as I grow up.

The fact is it never takes a gender, any pre mother-like characters or even conceiving a child to be a mom. These aren’t required because anything can be learned in the process and that nothing can prepare you from becoming a mom.

A mother is the one who remains resilient amidst adversities. Those who constantly think about the welfare of their children regardless if they don’t seem to care enough because of their non-traditional-mother kind of lifestyle. Those who seem to be every bit vain on themselves but never leave their children ungroomed or hungry, instead lavish them with whatever they want and teach them on what’s needed. There could be a relevant effect with this on the child’s later part  of his life but for the mothers, you can never judge nor question their upbringing.

There are also those whom we think would never have the ability to raise kids if their past are the one’s to look into. Those who are extremely independent but with their children’s existence, one could be as extraordinarily loving and caring mom. You’ll never know how much you have transformed yourself into better until you’ve seen your children reflect the values you have bestowed upon them.  See, everything is learned along the way. It does take more than GMRC and a genius to raise one.

With regards to those unorthodox, one can be a mother regardless of one’s gender. For instance, those fathers who automatically became the mother figure of their children due to the absence of “biological mother”. They have brought up their kids with constant challenge to fill in that empty space left by their biological mother. Society might think only them (“biological mother) can fill in that spot but it doesn’t always go that way.  A parent’s love can surpass anything especially when the children is at stake. No gender, only pure love .

Lastly, those who may never have conceived a baby on their own, but acted like a mother to almost everyone close to their being. Those who will always have an open heart for the unloved individuals, who never ceased to be of guidance to anyone who are lost and a genuine representation that love leaves no boundaries. So as the mothers.

These are all my facets of motherhood. I knew them because I have all of them.


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