Tiger Hill: Its Sunrise and a Morning Glimpse of Mt. Kanchenjunga

May you always remember this day with so much gratitude to those people who make this possible.


Remember the excitement that made you almost sleepless the night before your trip. That moment when you had to wake up countless times before 3 am, the scheduled departure time.



Remember those colorful buntings which have always welcomed the tourists, foreigners and locals alike after long drives and trek. These buntings are said to bear meanings  which can make you appreciate the place a little more.

Those winds that made you shiver while you trekked up to the Tiger Hill,

But alas, here’s a beautiful sunrise to reward yourself.



And when the sun shines brightly up in the sky,

Here’s another beautiful sight to stand by.


The sunrise as well as the sight of Mt. Kanchenjunga have been the most popular tourist attractions in Tiger Hill. Some tourists like myself had mistaken Tiger Hill as the point where one can see Mt. Everest. However, according to my local guide, the highest mountain can be “visibly seen” from a different hill with some rare occasions where it can be view from Tiger Hill itself.

The town of Darjeeling is just around 40 minutes away from Tiger Hill.

More coming! 😉


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