Batasia Loop: Railways and Heroes

With Mt. Kanchenjunga as the backdrop lies the memorial for the great soldiers who fought for their motherland.


If there’s so much patriotism in this country, the credit goes to these courageous soldiers in the past. Like in India Gate, Batasia Loop bears the name of those heroes who helped set this country free from the colonizers.



Aside from its famous memorial park, Batasia Loop serves a great engineering feat during the construction of Toy Train Railway stations. As Darjeeling Tourism points out, Batasia Loop was created by the British to counter such sharp descent of 140 ft. fall from Ghoom (which is the highest railway station) towards Darjeeling. With the help of this loop, you won’t realize its steep descent.

Might as well enjoy your ride with this 360-degree view of snowy mountains as the train completes its loop. Flowers are also scattered around the park while others offer photographs of you wearing local attires.


Now, complete the your tourist experience by buying some of their local products and eat local delicacies. local products are displayed on the railway itself while the toy train has not made its trip yet. I bet tourists have a lot of things to choose from.


Vendors laying down their products, covering the actual railway.

More coming!


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