Lady Behind the Blog

Cheers to you for finding your way to my blog ❤

Basically, blogging is one thing that I really wanted to do. I do it for as many reasons I have and for as much as I wanted to tell any human-related experiences base on my own perspective and others as well. It somehow leads me back to my first love- my love for writing. Through writing, I will be able to express any thoughts, emotions and insights that an intro/extroverted lady cannot do in a daily basis. I use this site as my online diary for any of my past, current and forthcoming endeavor into becoming a fully grown up individual.

Speaking of which, as of the writing, I am a graduating student majoring in Psychology. I chose this field four years ago with the determination to unlock the mysteries of being a human. The fact that I am going to study the human nature in a diverse manner interests me more than anything else. Four years later, the journey itself paves its way into one of the most essential thing in human existence- self-discovery. Thus, strengthening my dream into becoming a Psychologist.

I’m way too far but one step closer will make a difference.

In between of my never-ending life journey, I segue into things I am most passionate about. Along the way, I learn to love arts, travel and fitness.

There are many forms of arts, but the one I am truly obsessed is fashion. Engage me with conversation about supermodels, (specially Cara Delevingne), with what looks great (not the trendy type though) and  could go way too long. Not just the beauty that can be associated in it, but how it produces so many opportunities that any field of profession can give. It embodies empowered women ready to embrace the reality of life. Another thing is my unending love to movies that convey deep meanings and lessons that’s worth to kill your time. My love-hate relationship with the books is up to my list. This kind of relationship is inspired by the thought of being a bookworm, but only falls for summaries. 😀 😀 Those musics that make turn into bad-ass music-lover. I’ve had wide taste of music depending into the mood I am in. And as of the moment, I’m beginning to open my heart into photography and cuisine. I thanked God I was blessed with big and wide tummy here without getting too anxious (but still anxious) about my figure. Food is just simply too tempting to resist, y’all know! 😀

I love (watching) sports and admiring lots of athletes both local and international. However, such admiration won’t make me able to do sports by myself.  Simply because, I ain’t just a sport-type person which is why to complement myself being food-sucker, I need to do yoga’s on an very occasional manner.

Next up is my travel ventures. At 20, I haven’t been into many places. Aside from rare side trips and family gatherings way back high school and college days, my extravert side has not become fully functional until 2013 when I first set my foot in a plane. Since then, I’ve dream about wandering around the world, exploring the beauty and history of our dear country and leaving my footprints at the peak of every mountain. Yes, my footprints in every place.

So I welcome you all to my journey.

❤ Enjoy ❤

56 thoughts on “Lady Behind the Blog

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  3. YAY!! I’m so glad you followed me. I was in the middle of typing a comment and my phone browser crashed on me. I wasn’t sure how to find your blog again because I found it through clicking on random blogs!

    I was going to initially write you sound like a well rounded lady and I can’t wait to read more of your insights. 🙂 thanks for following us!


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