Golden Gate Adventure Resort: Nature’s Neighbour and Man’s Wilderness


As I have known, my days in BPO days would be over soon so I promised myself to gave last hurrah on this team-building finale’.

The Golden Gate Adventure Resort in Katipunan,  BuDa, Davao City was no stranger to me as it was previously chosen as one of the venues where we supposed to hold our team-building before my former team was dissolved.

Personally,  to say that this place held special moments is an understatement. Beforehand,  my TL had given me assignment to search for place, the budget cost as well as the activities before presenting in front of them. It’s like under the notion that “Hey,  this is your last TB anyway so mind as well do the privilege! 😀 ”

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Creating Moments to Last: Haze Haven Resort


Now this post, though it might appear to be another getaway, but I could share my fare share on the kind of life we’re having at this moment.

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Short Escape: RLG Swimming Pool Resort



Hooray! Getting back to my old self while complying myself to turn drafts into posts- a number of memories and a place at a time.

This time, I’d like to share some of the rarest inland resort in Davao. Choosing an inland resort over beaches is one good idea especially if you would like to have your colleagues to stay overnight or if anyone would love to pass by. Samal Island is quite far so technically, an inland resort near a celebrant’s place is therefore a good choice.

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Leap of Faith: Adventures in Maxima AquaFun

#Samal #davao #summer

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I’ve been off the cut from nature tripping these days so I’m gonna stick you around inland or beach resort. Here’s another story of not-so-adventurist drama.

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Solo Backpacking: Lake Holon

Here’s for my second leg of adventure in Lake Holon. Nyay! 😀


Originally, I planned to post to make a draft that is only good for one post. Then, suddenly, I found myself reminiscing all the memories, small and big details alike until I realized, one post isn’t good enough. Hah! So here’s for my second treat. First one if here. 😉
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Tricks and Treats not the Easter Way

Alright, here’s few confessions I must tell you:

I’m obsessed with travelling. I guess it’s one way of rewarding myself ‘coz I ain’t materialistic by nature. Now, that’s the treat!

Another thing is, with travelling, I have other things to share aside from my inner rants I wish I could just freely express every minute of the day or could just simply look for a great shock absorber. My bad, I haven’t seen one, YET. 😉

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Hoppin’ in Britania Group of Islets

A bit late eh!


No worries. I’m still sane enough to make posts about our semi-summer special which actually happened on the last week of March.

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Sidebits and Trips in Kapatagan, Digos City

IMG_3509Few weeks had passed when our team decided for a team building activity.

Needless to say, it was one of the most exhausted activity ever. I was just lucky to be physically active these days and that probably helped me maintain my stamina and survived the whole time.

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#MTDov Series: Stories Beyond El Nido Reef Strand Resort


Woah. Here goes my 13th post for the #MTDoV Series in which, just in case you didn’t know or sort of being forgotten, means My Thirty Day On Vacation. I guess I have made enough entries (a total of seven) for the Puerto Princesa alone and now I feel the urge to post another venue. Still a part of our Palawan escapade and I’ll better start it off with where did we stay and the experiences we’d been through just to be there. 😀
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#MTDoV Series: Acacia Tree Garden Hotel

Of course, the escapade would never be complete without securing an accommodation. My unending gratitude for our travel agent by providing us one of Puerto Princesa’s finest hotel. It’s none other than the title itself, Acacia Tree Garden Hotel.
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