#MTDoV Series: A Visit to the New 7 Wonders of Nature

1549258_1732169363472607_7345375749974862554_n June 11th was the day intended for the most highlighted part of our Puerto Princesa escapade- our grand tour for one of the Seven Wonders of Nature! Do I still need to state what it is? Hahah It’s too obvious but just in case you’re someone coming from different places on earth and hasn’t heard anything about this underground river thing then I’ll be very glad to introduce to you (DRUM ROLLS PLEASE)…… the Puerto Princesa Underground River. 😀 😀 😀 (Introductions for another tourist destinations may follow so better keep on reading eh! 😛 ) Continue reading


#MTDoV Series: Puerto Princesa’s Hidden Gems

After feeling quite nostalgic with the Puerto Princesa’s hidden history and it’s ever abundant indigenous products, we found ourselves back to the road again. The road which would lead would to Puerto Princesa’s other famous destinations.
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