Kadayawan 2016

Finally, its Kadayawan!

This King of all Philippine Festival is one of the Philippine thanksgiving festivals without Christian roots. It is a celebration which involves the original 11 Lumads of the city and their bountiful harvest every year. It highlights the melting pot of cultures that make Davao a vibrant, booming, interesting region.

There’s the short introduction of the said festival whome I usually got to witness every year.

Flower's bloom. Kadayawan's in the air. #floralfusion

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Ideas turn into Paintings

Thanks to my new shift which started at around 4 am then 6 am, I got to pass at SM everytime I went home from work. I was a bit drowned with appreciation when one time, an art exhibit was held inside the mall. Of course, knowing this could be a good subject for a post, I took time to take a pic with some paintings.

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All about Summer

Summer posts are yet to come!

Idle? Nope, it’s just simply because summer isn’t over yet!

Some of the things I’d really love to share. Haha ❤

  1. My first ever solo backpacking in Lake Holon last April.

Adios Holon! 😭

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2. Intro dive. Hmm I’m trying to go deep down! 😀


  1. How about being accepted after a year’s initiation? all for the love of the mountains! ❤

White house bringin' that Spanish vibe.

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  1. And I’m up to inland resort as well. Argh! The most uncommon thin for me. 😛

Ako lang daw bisitahin nya!! Tatatata swimming na.

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  1. And yep! If you follow me closely enough in IG, you’ll see my bunch of paintings I have posted to reciprocate my frustration for arts. Oh bad, I only know how to appreciate.


And there’s more to come. HAHAHA


Until then.

Sidebits and Trips in Kapatagan, Digos City

IMG_3509Few weeks had passed when our team decided for a team building activity.

Needless to say, it was one of the most exhausted activity ever. I was just lucky to be physically active these days and that probably helped me maintain my stamina and survived the whole time.

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#MTDoV Series: Kalui Restaurant and Baragatan 2015

Hooray, here’s my last leg for day one in Puerto Princesa! With so many things that happened on the 10th of June, I felt obliged to chop it off to bits leading to my first, second and third posts before coming to an end. To end our day would mean getting ourselves with sumptuous meals and a visit in their annual celebration called Baragatan 2015.

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