Facets of Motherhood: A Mother’s Day Celebration


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Motherhood won’t be understood broadly if its definition will only be limited to those women who have conceived and raised children. It is with under some circumstances which motherhood goes far beyond that typical definition.

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Love at Greater Lengths: Baby’s POV


Ohhh am I adorable? 😉

Oh yes, all of you must agree that we, the youngest humans as of this date, are all adorable. After all, that’s what they’ve bargained for in exchange of my helpless nature.

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Holi: Fun and Frolic way of Celebrating Love and Colors



Festivals are always fascinating. There’s no doubt to that especially when one comes from a festival-driven country and here, another a totally overwhelming experience. Fortunately for me, I’ve always been welcomed with such festivities everytime I  set foot on this foreign land.

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My First Filipino Christmas Gathering


Celebrating Christmas with the the Filipino Community (KAPIHAN or Kapisanan ng mga Pinay na may Asawang Indiano sa Hindustan)  in India somehow renews the essence of this season. Just like the KAPIHAN memebers, we’re celebrating this season away from our loves ones in Philippines, but being with them, India feels like home.

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Golden Gate Adventure Resort: Nature’s Neighbour and Man’s Wilderness


As I have known, my days in BPO days would be over soon so I promised myself to gave last hurrah on this team-building finale’.

The Golden Gate Adventure Resort in Katipunan,  BuDa, Davao City was no stranger to me as it was previously chosen as one of the venues where we supposed to hold our team-building before my former team was dissolved.

Personally,  to say that this place held special moments is an understatement. Beforehand,  my TL had given me assignment to search for place, the budget cost as well as the activities before presenting in front of them. It’s like under the notion that “Hey,  this is your last TB anyway so mind as well do the privilege! 😀 ”

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Kadayawan 2016

Finally, its Kadayawan!

This King of all Philippine Festival is one of the Philippine thanksgiving festivals without Christian roots. It is a celebration which involves the original 11 Lumads of the city and their bountiful harvest every year. It highlights the melting pot of cultures that make Davao a vibrant, booming, interesting region.

There’s the short introduction of the said festival whome I usually got to witness every year.

Flower's bloom. Kadayawan's in the air. #floralfusion

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A Birthday Letter

Happy birthday to you. I know even if your time-line there tells you it’s 24th, I’ll still follow Manila time. 😛

I won’t mention your age because I want them guessing.😉 Nevertheless, I want you to celebrate this year again because you have done so much for us and for me in particular.

Thank you for being my unending guardian. Sometimes I would think you’re probably my mother only that we are born from the same Mama.

I am humbled by your virtual presence and moral support. Whenever I feel lost and everything seems to be not in order, you try your best to put it back in place and reminds me of few things that truly matter. 😍😘Everytime I try so hard to hide 😢, you seemingly feel what’s wrong and then you’d call me 📞 and we both make daydreams 💭together. 😝😂

Did I make you cry na?? Hahaha I love you endlessly! 😘😘😘 I won’t be afraid to face the world because all of you are there. 💪


Today, someone across the globe is celebrating her birthday. That someone is no less than a sister of mine. I wish her nothing but the best of life! She deserves it more than anyone else!

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Recently, I made my first ever post of caffee store here in Davao. That was pretty awkward since the place was just starting to bloom and it’s not really my thing to go over and find some great restos or caffee. I’m no fan of luxurious dining inn. But with some circumstances, you’ll get to try something new. This time, it’s in Perch  Kitchen and Bar.

It was my colleague’s birthday when she invited us for a dinner. Since it would be much to a surprise to decline such offer, I accepted it. Haha That was my first time to get inside Feliz Centrale, the newest mall which was opened I guess over a year ago. Haha Told you, I’m no city-stroller by nature.

The first thing I recognized was it’s cool interior, plus the great food. We were the only costumers, or maybe had it exclusive, which made the birthday celebration extra special. Asking what we need is immediately taken care of. They’re very attentive!

Since it’s located in the second floor, it was so cool to see the city lights.

I wish the upper photo was taken a bit professionally. Haha

I knew thing thing has become addictive. Never in my previous life would I take few snaps inside the fancy restaurants or cool places but I just feel like it. Hahah It’s very spontaneous hobby.


All about Summer

Summer posts are yet to come!

Idle? Nope, it’s just simply because summer isn’t over yet!

Some of the things I’d really love to share. Haha ❤

  1. My first ever solo backpacking in Lake Holon last April.

Adios Holon! 😭

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2. Intro dive. Hmm I’m trying to go deep down! 😀


  1. How about being accepted after a year’s initiation? all for the love of the mountains! ❤

White house bringin' that Spanish vibe.

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  1. And I’m up to inland resort as well. Argh! The most uncommon thin for me. 😛

Ako lang daw bisitahin nya!! Tatatata swimming na.

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  1. And yep! If you follow me closely enough in IG, you’ll see my bunch of paintings I have posted to reciprocate my frustration for arts. Oh bad, I only know how to appreciate.


And there’s more to come. HAHAHA


Until then.