#MTDoV Series: A Long Day Around Iloilo

I’ll be marking my fifth, but definitely not my last series for #MTDoV. You should have known by now the meaning of those abbreviations. If not, then at least you may want to try to see its meaning here! 🙂

Now, back to travel venture. It’s funny to think how we ended up visiting Iloilo in an unexpected way. When I said “unexpected”, it would mean breaking our original itinerary for the sake of scoring cheaper plane tickets going to Palawan. 😀 Not too bad eh, especially if the place that’s waiting for us possessed such serene beauty! I should say, it’s a world class city in the making!
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#MTDoV Series: On Wearing Hand-Me-Downs

Haha Am I writing too fast? Sharing my fourth post of my #MTDoV Series!

When I’m travelling around, one thing I’d really like to consider is my dress code. I’d be almost crazy, but not totally, when it comes to thinking what top should I wear, will it fit to my shoes and among any other questions in between. Adding up to the challenge is the fact most items in my closet are hand-me-downs. Perks of being the youngest again. ❤

Haha Now, sometimes I’d think being a female is much more complicated than any other species. 😀 Much complicated than pulling a “look” out of hand-me-down things.
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Glam Shots

Just to break the monotony of this blog, take me into your consideration of being extra vain this time. 😀 😀 😀 And when I say vain, I mean being all glammed up (hah!) for some other time.

Well to give you some sorts of information (if you don’t mind me giving 😛 ), these photos are courtesy of New Jersy Studio, the official photographer for our yearbook named Vinta. We are required to prepare almost 20 poses for the glamour shots and another 12 for the ones wearing toga. Then we had to decide which one of those pictures ( one 3/4 glamour photo and toga photo) will be placed in our yearbook souvenir.
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Pose Like a Pro

I had the chance to have my series of OOTN to make sure every dresses I had would fit to the contestants. I find them all quite weird at first but one thing, thou shall never underestimate the beauty of these dresses unless worn.

So here they are.
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Great Finds for Pre-Loved Items

Our home is really a one-stop-shop place for me. It’s the place like an eat-all-you-can resto, an unlimited place to rest like inns and of course, the place where you can get-all-you-want shopping center. Hahah I find it great to see varieties of clothes and shoes my sister used to deliver here. Luckily, my Mama has me reserved in every “padala”. Continue reading

Flowers and Blues

Few days ago, I posted some enjoying moments during the annual Kadayawan Festival here in Davao. Well, events like these are the best excuse to wear up something different, playful and chic-styled outfits aside from day-to-day OOTD. 🙂 Continue reading

Messy Hair

First things first, I’d like to extend an apology for venting things out here. I’m pretty overloaded within these past few days. But today, I’d like to share the other side of me being gurky (my term for being goofy, nerdy and geeky) 😀 :D. Don’t mind browsing the dictionary or net for that. Continue reading