Tiger Hill: Its Sunrise and a Morning Glimpse of Mt. Kanchenjunga

May you always remember this day with so much gratitude to those people who make this possible.


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EPOL Falls: Adventure in the Most Unexpected Way


Team-building ain’t be no fun without a little bit of adventure. And since they got me all in charge of the activities,  mind as well give them its perks. After all, adventure is what excites me most, regardless of its intensity.

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Men in the Mountains

Trek with the next generation of responsible mountaineers.

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As a mountaineer myself, it’s been a privilege to meet people so young (and not so young alike) willing to pursue their passion into mountain climbing. Apart from reaching the peak and take wonderful shots to boast in social media, it is equally interesting to let them know that the journey towards becoming a responsible mountaineers will be as hard as ascending into the steep trail. Knowledge and skills on mountaineering as well as the heart and mind of a true mountaineer will be their weapon to this passion.

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Basic Mountaineering Course: An Aspirant’s Experience

I wonder how did the aspirants feel about their first basic mountaineering course last week end?

For me, everything still seemed to be vivid. Here’s why.


IMG_1372I always get myself passionate about anything that brings beauty, essence and empowerment to every individual. Aside from becoming a psychologist someday, I also want to see myself becoming a writer, a model, an artist, a beauty queen, an investigator, martial artist, fitness instructor, an athlete, a volunteer and most recently, to become an ecology traveler and mountaineer. I have done some of these things in the past but for now, I can see myself doing one thing. That is mountaineering.

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Defying Gravity thru Wall Climbing

I’m starting to tick off those moments that I had on my IG posts. Guess, it’s always been easier to tell stories when you have photos with you and there’s no need to upload a bunch when you can copy the URL and paste it directly to your post.

Much of some new things I’ve tried last summer, including my solo backpacking and diving, was my first ever wall climbing.

I’ve heard this over few months ago when they launched the first ever indoor wall climbing in Davao. But never did I try this until my colleagues won two tickets as free wall climbing during our acceptance ceremony. That’s like one climb-one try promo, so they chose me as the other one. HAHAHA

This was the one to conquer. the highest spot reached up to 32 feet. The first time we tried, it was all one-time, with me reaching the left side and my colleague at the right side.

I made the first attempt but goodness, Cha was pretty strong and even we ended up being tie in the middle.

📷 @shobecadigal

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Clearly, my lack of exercise was the one to blame. All my energy went down and I was stuck in the middle. I was so confused and agitated since there were lesser blocks in the middle part. If there is, they’re pretty small with my big hands.

The next thing I knew, I was the only one left hanging while she had already finished the course.

Today's perks. #wallclimbing (c) Shobe Cadigal

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I went down as if I was being dragged by the gravity. From then, I learned that wall climbing, like any other physical activity, requires a lot of practice and patience. We left for home with my knees and legs still shaking.

The next thing, I was invited by another colleague, Scent for another wall climbing session. This time, I was too ambitious to reach the middle.

I was so keen with the instruction.

Second time around. #GameFaceOn #wallclimbing #EdgeDavao

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My first attempt really went bad. Hahaha

I spent too much time asking question about which block to hold until my energy died down.

I tried the second time.

Until the third one, clearly my energy faded away. I had to accept my defeat. 😦

Got to get up there- real and fast!

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It was all worth it but part of me was screaming for another chance. But the instructor told me to rest and try it next time. Ha! For the second time, my heart broke.

Maybe next time or will there be a next time.

P100 for one session

P180 for one hour

Photo and video credits to Scent Laminero and Shobe Cadigal ❤

Solo Backpacking: Lake Holon

Here’s for my second leg of adventure in Lake Holon. Nyay! 😀


Originally, I planned to post to make a draft that is only good for one post. Then, suddenly, I found myself reminiscing all the memories, small and big details alike until I realized, one post isn’t good enough. Hah! So here’s for my second treat. First one if here. 😉
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Solo Backpacking: En Route to Lake Holon

Alright, the great procrastinator has finally come back. 😀


Just so you know, I’ve been wandering around since March, spend extra hours in the office on April to finance and in preparation for my solo backpacking and many more adventures the following month. Yep, that’s why I was left with loads of drafts-in-the making and owe a lot of unshared summer-ry stories.

Here I come! 😀

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All about Summer

Summer posts are yet to come!

Idle? Nope, it’s just simply because summer isn’t over yet!

Some of the things I’d really love to share. Haha ❤

  1. My first ever solo backpacking in Lake Holon last April.

Adios Holon! 😭

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2. Intro dive. Hmm I’m trying to go deep down! 😀


  1. How about being accepted after a year’s initiation? all for the love of the mountains! ❤

White house bringin' that Spanish vibe.

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  1. And I’m up to inland resort as well. Argh! The most uncommon thin for me. 😛

Ako lang daw bisitahin nya!! Tatatata swimming na.

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  1. And yep! If you follow me closely enough in IG, you’ll see my bunch of paintings I have posted to reciprocate my frustration for arts. Oh bad, I only know how to appreciate.


And there’s more to come. HAHAHA


Until then.

May the Mountains be Healed

1401If you have observed, I’ve been posting a lot of photos since the the start of Mt. Apo’s Forest/Grass Fire. I was equally devastated along with mountaineers and concern citizens alike in the country. After all, it is Mt. Apo- our living Philippine Pride and country’s highest peak,  the God of all Philippine Mountain and the home of the Philippine Eagle.

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VIII|Major Climb: Descend

Gush, I personally couldn’t believe I made a total of eight series for this one Major Climb. Haha I just really wanted to maximize everything and this ain’t the first time however. Nothing still beats the record of the Hashtag: MTDoV Series.

Well yeah. Just what the title suggests, this post is intended for the culmination of our three-day climb.

We started fixing our tents as well as keeping our trashes around 9 am in the morning. It took as mush time to prepare our meals and fetch water from a distant.


Photo Credit: Shobe Cadigal

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