Tiger Hill: Its Sunrise and a Morning Glimpse of Mt. Kanchenjunga

May you always remember this day with so much gratitude to those people who make this possible.


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Reality of an Expat: Processes and First – Timers


India: Country of Destination 

In pursuing to become an official expat is a personal choice of mine and a complete risk. I never thought fate would play with me in a most tremendous way.

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From the Lady who Left


Apparently,  change is always coming. Its inevitable nature keeps you from yearning what is unknown. No matter what, whether you are doomed for disappointments or unexpected success, I always told myself that life will always be just fine in the end.

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Post Thoughts

Okay, this seems to be the most awkward post ever. Why?

Recently,  a lot of things just keep on coming.  It never stops until I bleed. It never forgives, it never reconsiders. This is just the way it is since then. Its unforgiving nature forces you to get back, fight harder and do better. No reconciliation,  just pure actions.

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Basic Mountaineering Course: An Aspirant’s Experience

I wonder how did the aspirants feel about their first basic mountaineering course last week end?

For me, everything still seemed to be vivid. Here’s why.


IMG_1372I always get myself passionate about anything that brings beauty, essence and empowerment to every individual. Aside from becoming a psychologist someday, I also want to see myself becoming a writer, a model, an artist, a beauty queen, an investigator, martial artist, fitness instructor, an athlete, a volunteer and most recently, to become an ecology traveler and mountaineer. I have done some of these things in the past but for now, I can see myself doing one thing. That is mountaineering.

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Two Years to Infinity

wpI’ve been very grateful for this little space in a cyber world I created two years back. This tiny space has become so much of everything. This little corner wherein I hid every little details in my life. Thus, I tagged this as my personal blog.

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Thinking ’bout School

I am really the person who’s truly obsessed with plans and making them all turn into reality. I used to have timelines, where am I supposed to be at this particular moment and getting frustrated when this won’t be materialized. I used to be stiffed, follow what is the norm and never really thought of catering some kind of twists and turns.

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Changed Drastically

Sometimes, I forgot that this blog is intended for personal gratification. But you see, there’s a gradual change. Two years in the making and I was able to make posts ranging from personal essays to favorite hobbies, issues then finally reaching out to more popular community which is travel and/or mountaineering. There’s some fashion in here but, not much. I think it’s not my forte’!

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