Tricks and Treats not the Easter Way

Alright, here’s few confessions I must tell you:

I’m obsessed with travelling. I guess it’s one way of rewarding myself ‘coz I ain’t materialistic by nature. Now, that’s the treat!

Another thing is, with travelling, I have other things to share aside from my inner rants I wish I could just freely express every minute of the day or could just simply look for a great shock absorber. My bad, I haven’t seen one, YET. 😉

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For Sale: Followers, Likes, Views and Comments

440Morning madness!! Hehehe

Say, I’m not the only person living on earth who use to check accounts like IG and FB first thing in the morning. See if there’s anyone – strangers or not who happen to stumble through my page, follow and like my photos which don’t usually involve much of my faces. I’m definitely a non-selfie-queen type. 😀 :D. Nevertheless, you can’t deny that there’s a “green-little-thing” that pops up your mind everytime you see posts that’s worth a hundred likes, thousands and even millions for some. Wishing that you could have something like that- a bunch of followers. Continue reading