EPOL Falls: Adventure in the Most Unexpected Way


Team-building ain’t be no fun without a little bit of adventure. And since they got me all in charge of the activities,  mind as well give them its perks. After all, adventure is what excites me most, regardless of its intensity.

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Golden Gate Adventure Resort: Nature’s Neighbour and Man’s Wilderness


As I have known, my days in BPO days would be over soon so I promised myself to gave last hurrah on this team-building finale’.

The Golden Gate Adventure Resort in Katipunan,  BuDa, Davao City was no stranger to me as it was previously chosen as one of the venues where we supposed to hold our team-building before my former team was dissolved.

Personally,  to say that this place held special moments is an understatement. Beforehand,  my TL had given me assignment to search for place, the budget cost as well as the activities before presenting in front of them. It’s like under the notion that “Hey,  this is your last TB anyway so mind as well do the privilege! 😀 ”

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Canibad’s Galore

The Madayaw Beach Resort located in Canibad, Samal Island has always been a place for good memories. I came to visit this place in three years in a row now. Yet, the island still exudes so much excitement and adventure, not to mention the ambiance of the people that I am with.

This time, though I didn’t jumped of the cliff which I considered as my longest assignment so far, I instead opted in to enjoying it’s turoquise seawater and clashing waves.

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Leap of Faith: Adventures in Maxima AquaFun

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I’ve been off the cut from nature tripping these days so I’m gonna stick you around inland or beach resort. Here’s another story of not-so-adventurist drama.

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Defying Gravity thru Wall Climbing

I’m starting to tick off those moments that I had on my IG posts. Guess, it’s always been easier to tell stories when you have photos with you and there’s no need to upload a bunch when you can copy the URL and paste it directly to your post.

Much of some new things I’ve tried last summer, including my solo backpacking and diving, was my first ever wall climbing.

I’ve heard this over few months ago when they launched the first ever indoor wall climbing in Davao. But never did I try this until my colleagues won two tickets as free wall climbing during our acceptance ceremony. That’s like one climb-one try promo, so they chose me as the other one. HAHAHA

This was the one to conquer. the highest spot reached up to 32 feet. The first time we tried, it was all one-time, with me reaching the left side and my colleague at the right side.

I made the first attempt but goodness, Cha was pretty strong and even we ended up being tie in the middle.

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Clearly, my lack of exercise was the one to blame. All my energy went down and I was stuck in the middle. I was so confused and agitated since there were lesser blocks in the middle part. If there is, they’re pretty small with my big hands.

The next thing I knew, I was the only one left hanging while she had already finished the course.

I went down as if I was being dragged by the gravity. From then, I learned that wall climbing, like any other physical activity, requires a lot of practice and patience. We left for home with my knees and legs still shaking.

The next thing, I was invited by another colleague, Scent for another wall climbing session. This time, I was too ambitious to reach the middle.

I was so keen with the instruction.

My first attempt really went bad. Hahaha

I spent too much time asking question about which block to hold until my energy died down.

I tried the second time.

Until the third one, clearly my energy faded away. I had to accept my defeat. 😦

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Got to get up there- real and fast!

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It was all worth it but part of me was screaming for another chance. But the instructor told me to rest and try it next time. Ha! For the second time, my heart broke.

Maybe next time or will there be a next time.

P100 for one session

P180 for one hour

Photo and video credits to Scent Laminero and Shobe Cadigal ❤

Down the Ocean: An Intro Dive

Yeppy! It’s been quite a long time since I had my last post. It was abrupt and I felt like I needed to share these overdue posts to get rid of my guilt.

Yes! That’s when everytime I get back home and I promised to publish one post but ended up falling asleep.  😔  Plus the fact that WiFi’s gone so this gonna be my first time writing a draft and post it using my smartphone.  Hope it’ll work.

Okay, let’s get down to my main business. Who else wouldn’t feel such excitement when you do your first time thing , right? 

That’s what I felt the moment my colleague asked me for an intro dive.

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Solo Backpacking: Lake Holon

Here’s for my second leg of adventure in Lake Holon. Nyay! 😀


Originally, I planned to post to make a draft that is only good for one post. Then, suddenly, I found myself reminiscing all the memories, small and big details alike until I realized, one post isn’t good enough. Hah! So here’s for my second treat. First one if here. 😉
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Solo Backpacking: En Route to Lake Holon

Alright, the great procrastinator has finally come back. 😀


Just so you know, I’ve been wandering around since March, spend extra hours in the office on April to finance and in preparation for my solo backpacking and many more adventures the following month. Yep, that’s why I was left with loads of drafts-in-the making and owe a lot of unshared summer-ry stories.

Here I come! 😀

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Tricks and Treats not the Easter Way

Alright, here’s few confessions I must tell you:

I’m obsessed with travelling. I guess it’s one way of rewarding myself ‘coz I ain’t materialistic by nature. Now, that’s the treat!

Another thing is, with travelling, I have other things to share aside from my inner rants I wish I could just freely express every minute of the day or could just simply look for a great shock absorber. My bad, I haven’t seen one, YET. 😉

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Hoppin’ in Britania Group of Islets

A bit late eh!


No worries. I’m still sane enough to make posts about our semi-summer special which actually happened on the last week of March.

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