Facets of Motherhood: A Mother’s Day Celebration


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Motherhood won’t be understood broadly if its definition will only be limited to those women who have conceived and raised children. It is with under some circumstances which motherhood goes far beyond that typical definition.

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My First Filipino Christmas Gathering


Celebrating Christmas with the the Filipino Community (KAPIHAN or Kapisanan ng mga Pinay na may Asawang Indiano sa Hindustan)  in India somehow renews the essence of this season. Just like the KAPIHAN memebers, we’re celebrating this season away from our loves ones in Philippines, but being with them, India feels like home.

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I|Major Climb: Journey to Country’s Highest Peak

Oh, 2015 was all over now. I was still quite nostalgic but I know 2016 has come all the way with it’s own right to give hope to everyone.

I swear, I’ll always looked back to 2015 with a big smile on my face. A lot of things did happen. I guess it’s quite obvious based on the entries being posted here. So to end that year with a bang! Finally, after 3 weeks in the making,  I’m more excited to share to you my phenomenal year-end hike to none other than the majestic and Philippine’s highest peak itself, Mt. Apo.

1140I bet you’ve already seen a lot of posts from mountaineers hiking to this magnificent mountain. Others would have told you the means on how to get there, their own experiences and whatnot. Mine was entirely different.

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#MTDoV Series: Kalui Restaurant and Baragatan 2015

Hooray, here’s my last leg for day one in Puerto Princesa! With so many things that happened on the 10th of June, I felt obliged to chop it off to bits leading to my first, second and third posts before coming to an end. To end our day would mean getting ourselves with sumptuous meals and a visit in their annual celebration called Baragatan 2015.

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#MTDoV Series: Touchdown Palawan

My sixth series will start on the 10th of June.

We woke up too early in the morning and prepared ourselves for a long day. The sky was still so dark by then. We tried to contact the front desk and had our order but the kitchen wouldn’t be available until six in the morning. We couldn’t wait. We had to leave before six.
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Untold Stories

I decided to take on few breaks of my #MTDoV Series today as I have some heartwarming stories to share. Perhaps, I just don’t want to leave moments like this to be taken for granted. Instead, I want to put it right here. ❤
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#MTDoV Series: A Long Day Around Iloilo

I’ll be marking my fifth, but definitely not my last series for #MTDoV. You should have known by now the meaning of those abbreviations. If not, then at least you may want to try to see its meaning here! 🙂

Now, back to travel venture. It’s funny to think how we ended up visiting Iloilo in an unexpected way. When I said “unexpected”, it would mean breaking our original itinerary for the sake of scoring cheaper plane tickets going to Palawan. 😀 Not too bad eh, especially if the place that’s waiting for us possessed such serene beauty! I should say, it’s a world class city in the making!
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#MTDoV Series: Touchdown Iloilo

It’s 8th of June, 2015. This is my second post for the series I called #MTDoV or My Thirty-Day on Vacay! ❤

If there’s anyone who couldn’t be any happier on that day, it could be me!

I started that day waking up at 4 am hoping to catch an early morning mass. Even though I technically “celebrated” my birthday a day before (e.g. attending Sunday Mass and had a simple celebration at home), going to a Eucharistic Celebration right on the actual date had been my way of celebrating my day for the past years. Unfortunately, I never heard a single bell ringing! 😦
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Hurting Hearts will Heal

Photo credit: cauldronsandcupcakes.com

Photo credit: cauldronsandcupcakes.com

This is my confession.

Since childhood, I have always wish for a family who never have anything behind each other’s back. The kind of family that’s ideal. And it’s quite possible to say that at 21, my wish still remains a dream! If it’s still a dream, then perhaps I can choose whether to keep on daydreaming or open my eyes and see what’s real.
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