From the Lady who Left


Apparently,  change is always coming. Its inevitable nature keeps you from yearning what is unknown. No matter what, whether you are doomed for disappointments or unexpected success, I always told myself that life will always be just fine in the end.

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Good Words

Time ran so fast.

Years ago, we were these students who were eager enough to pay attention (or maybe pretending to do so for the word “respect”) to our sub-teacher as they took over the class. I remembered the with their haggard faces, bulky bags and high-heeled shoes. Nevertheless, they never failed to give us their cheerful smiles to make us at ease.

Within a span of 50-day internship for educational setting, I exactly knew how they felt. We got to do, think and feel the same way as they did. At times, you’d become the students center of knowledge, of jokes and anything in between. Either way, you got to give them nothing less than of an almost “job-well-done” in return of these little token- good words. This was exactly the reason why keeping this blog idle for a moment was all worth it.
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