My First Filipino Christmas Gathering


Celebrating Christmas with the the Filipino Community (KAPIHAN or Kapisanan ng mga Pinay na may Asawang Indiano sa Hindustan)  in India somehow renews the essence of this season. Just like the KAPIHAN memebers, we’re celebrating this season away from our loves ones in Philippines, but being with them, India feels like home.

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Into Foods and Celebration

In my previous post, I wrote things about the recent celebration and the reunions I had with my fellow classmates who successfully endured the college life. Those who didn’t make it this year will sure to have the next few years to finish their school. There’s no giving up, right? Heheh

I’ve written a lot of things though, but I guess I forgot one! Guess it please! 😀
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Celebrating Christmas in a Filipino Way

Tis’ the season to be jolly. Lalala lala Lalalala

For the longest, most-celebrated event of the year- lemme great everybody a Merry Christmas!! Wohoho I can’t keep myself thinking what to write when there’s a lot about this celebration to brag about- from tradition down to the food serve on the table, they’re all worth a post. After all, it’s Philippines baby! Continue reading