Facets of Motherhood: A Mother’s Day Celebration


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Motherhood won’t be understood broadly if its definition will only be limited to those women who have conceived and raised children. It is with under some circumstances which motherhood goes far beyond that typical definition.

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Love at Greater Lengths: Baby’s POV


Ohhh am I adorable? 😉

Oh yes, all of you must agree that we, the youngest humans as of this date, are all adorable. After all, that’s what they’ve bargained for in exchange of my helpless nature.

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III|Major Climb: White Sand

I knew when I had too many good memories to share because I tend to chop them off into pieces. Did I use the right term? 😀 😀 😀

By the way, if you ever think of beaches upon reading the words, White Sand, you better think twice. Aside from being the continuation for the my previous post, probably the reason why it was called as such because of the limestone dominating around the place.


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Great Heroes


Tis’ the season of love.

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I Have Loved You

My mind wanders once again. I’m thinking about the old times and how does thing continues to exist at the moment no matter how you stop it, wanting it to change and praying it to be gone forever. For me, it’s an expression made to convey an attempt to escape the reality I am about to face someday. And that begins that day. Continue reading