Men in the Mountains

As a mountaineer myself, it’s been a privilege to meet people so young (and not so young alike) willing to pursue their passion into mountain climbing. Apart from reaching the peak and take wonderful shots to boast in social media, it is equally interesting to let them know that the journey towards becoming a responsible mountaineers will be as hard as ascending into the steep trail. Knowledge and skills on mountaineering as well as the heart and mind of a true mountaineer will be their weapon to this passion.

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V|Major Climb: Summit of Mt. Apo


Mt. Apo’s version of Sea of Clouds and is facing Davao gulf

21st day of December at 2:31 pm…


The climax of our long journey happened when we finally conquered the ever infamous Davao peak. I was suddenly speechless for a few moment so I kinda decided to take a video instead.

The feeling was extraordinary and the view was undoubtedly phenomenal. It reserved the right to be called Philippine’s highest peak. Clearly, Mt. Apo is one true landmark.  Continue reading

II|Major Climb: Gigantic Boulders


‘Tis was the second day (December 21st).

The day when we were bound to reach gigantic boulders, be swept away by strong winds at the summit, shiver ourselves to death due to dropping temperature and be constantly amazed by nature.

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I|Major Climb: Journey to Country’s Highest Peak

Oh, 2015 was all over now. I was still quite nostalgic but I know 2016 has come all the way with it’s own right to give hope to everyone.

I swear, I’ll always looked back to 2015 with a big smile on my face. A lot of things did happen. I guess it’s quite obvious based on the entries being posted here. So to end that year with a bang! Finally, after 3 weeks in the making,  I’m more excited to share to you my phenomenal year-end hike to none other than the majestic and Philippine’s highest peak itself, Mt. Apo.

1140I bet you’ve already seen a lot of posts from mountaineers hiking to this magnificent mountain. Others would have told you the means on how to get there, their own experiences and whatnot. Mine was entirely different.

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First Minor Climb

IMG_1788This could be the second official event I had joined since I became one of their aspirants. I was so damn serious about mountaineering, couldn’t be more anxious to become one of them (MAYBE after a year) and gained some advantages (perhaps the feeling of being “healthy and fit”) along the way. Hahaha
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Basic Mountaineering Course: An Aspirant’s Experience

IMG_1372I always get myself passionate about anything that brings beauty, essence and empowerment to every individual. Aside from becoming a psychologist someday, I also want to see myself becoming a writer, a model, an artist, a beauty queen, an investigator, martial artist, fitness instructor, an athlete, a volunteer and most recently, to become an ecology traveler and mountaineer. I have done some of these things in the past but for now, I can see myself doing one thing. That is mountaineering.

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Puting Bato Bago Biente Uno

Hep hep! My more than 30-days of being officially unemployed has never been full of boredom. Thanks to God and to every individual whose with me in those precious time. 🙂 Those days are filled with too much excitement that has something to do with: 1. unexpected future escapades (no for spoiler-me 😛 ), 2. reunions (my big sissy went home after so many years 😀 ) and 3. guess what? I’ve finally scaled my second peak for this year! Hooray! 😀 😀 😀 Continue reading