Men in the Mountains

As a mountaineer myself, it’s been a privilege to meet people so young (and not so young alike) willing to pursue their passion into mountain climbing. Apart from reaching the peak and take wonderful shots to boast in social media, it is equally interesting to let them know that the journey towards becoming a responsible mountaineers will be as hard as ascending into the steep trail. Knowledge and skills on mountaineering as well as the heart and mind of a true mountaineer will be their weapon to this passion.

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Leap of Faith: Adventures in Maxima AquaFun

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I’ve been off the cut from nature tripping these days so I’m gonna stick you around inland or beach resort. Here’s another story of not-so-adventurist drama.

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Down the Ocean: An Intro Dive

Yeppy! It’s been quite a long time since I had my last post. It was abrupt and I felt like I needed to share these overdue posts to get rid of my guilt.

Yes! That’s when everytime I get back home and I promised to publish one post but ended up falling asleep.  😔  Plus the fact that WiFi’s gone so this gonna be my first time writing a draft and post it using my smartphone.  Hope it’ll work.

Okay, let’s get down to my main business. Who else wouldn’t feel such excitement when you do your first time thing , right? 

That’s what I felt the moment my colleague asked me for an intro dive.

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Solo Backpacking: Lake Holon

Here’s for my second leg of adventure in Lake Holon. Nyay! 😀


Originally, I planned to post to make a draft that is only good for one post. Then, suddenly, I found myself reminiscing all the memories, small and big details alike until I realized, one post isn’t good enough. Hah! So here’s for my second treat. First one if here. 😉
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Solo Backpacking: En Route to Lake Holon

Alright, the great procrastinator has finally come back. 😀


Just so you know, I’ve been wandering around since March, spend extra hours in the office on April to finance and in preparation for my solo backpacking and many more adventures the following month. Yep, that’s why I was left with loads of drafts-in-the making and owe a lot of unshared summer-ry stories.

Here I come! 😀

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Tinuy-an Falls and its Wonders

So yippy!

As promised in my IG post, I would finally get to end this overdue post for once and for all.


12968644_10209112406555484_678764369_nDuring our 2-day with three-stop escapade, I’ve learned to appreciate my homeland, Mindanao. We’ve got so many things to offer for locals and foreigners alike. Continue reading

Hoppin’ in Britania Group of Islets

A bit late eh!


No worries. I’m still sane enough to make posts about our semi-summer special which actually happened on the last week of March.

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Totally Enchanted in Hinatuan Enchanted River



Taken during fish feeding.

When you hear the word “enchanted”, what would come to your mind first? Would you say it’s a total mystery, bewitched or spelled? Well, let’s find out.

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May the Mountains be Healed

1401If you have observed, I’ve been posting a lot of photos since the the start of Mt. Apo’s Forest/Grass Fire. I was equally devastated along with mountaineers and concern citizens alike in the country. After all, it is Mt. Apo- our living Philippine Pride and country’s highest peak,  the God of all Philippine Mountain and the home of the Philippine Eagle.

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VIII|Major Climb: Descend

Gush, I personally couldn’t believe I made a total of eight series for this one Major Climb. Haha I just really wanted to maximize everything and this ain’t the first time however. Nothing still beats the record of the Hashtag: MTDoV Series.

Well yeah. Just what the title suggests, this post is intended for the culmination of our three-day climb.

We started fixing our tents as well as keeping our trashes around 9 am in the morning. It took as mush time to prepare our meals and fetch water from a distant.


Photo Credit: Shobe Cadigal

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