Glimpses of New Delhi



Delhi is way more diversified in general. It is where mostly post-modern arts, architectures and even all-things-trendy co-exist with their historically-significant places (e.g forts, sites).

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Creating Moments to Last: Haze Haven Resort


Now this post, though it might appear to be another getaway, but I could share my fare share on the kind of life we’re having at this moment.

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Leap of Faith: Adventures in Maxima AquaFun

#Samal #davao #summer

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I’ve been off the cut from nature tripping these days so I’m gonna stick you around inland or beach resort. Here’s another story of not-so-adventurist drama.

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Down the Ocean: An Intro Dive

Yeppy! It’s been quite a long time since I had my last post. It was abrupt and I felt like I needed to share these overdue posts to get rid of my guilt.

Yes! That’s when everytime I get back home and I promised to publish one post but ended up falling asleep.  😔  Plus the fact that WiFi’s gone so this gonna be my first time writing a draft and post it using my smartphone.  Hope it’ll work.

Okay, let’s get down to my main business. Who else wouldn’t feel such excitement when you do your first time thing , right? 

That’s what I felt the moment my colleague asked me for an intro dive.

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