Glimpses of New Delhi



Delhi is way more diversified in general. It is where mostly post-modern arts, architectures and even all-things-trendy co-exist with their historically-significant places (e.g forts, sites).

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On Rainbow Colors

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This can be the biggest leap of the LGBT Movement in history and will eventually create big impact in the coming years.

Before I begin, I’ll have to remind you that this isn’t some sort of an expertly-discussed article, Neither this post contains any facts.This post, however, is about me sharing my thoughts through my OWN perspective.

If ever you find this post inadequate or foolish somehow, you are then free to get more information (facts and opinions alike) as many and accurate as possible from the official sites of the people or organizations involve. It’s all been there! In case it didn’t work, then at least, I have warned you!
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