From the Lady who Left


Apparently,  change is always coming. Its inevitable nature keeps you from yearning what is unknown. No matter what, whether you are doomed for disappointments or unexpected success, I always told myself that life will always be just fine in the end.

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On how I became ready to face the real world has something to do with my more than two years of experience as a working student. It was indeed one of the toughest phases on my life. But with it- a bold, confident and determined young woman came out.

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Untold Stories

I decided to take on few breaks of my #MTDoV Series today as I have some heartwarming stories to share. Perhaps, I just don’t want to leave moments like this to be taken for granted. Instead, I want to put it right here. ❤
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#MTDoV Series: Touchdown Iloilo

It’s 8th of June, 2015. This is my second post for the series I called #MTDoV or My Thirty-Day on Vacay! ❤

If there’s anyone who couldn’t be any happier on that day, it could be me!

I started that day waking up at 4 am hoping to catch an early morning mass. Even though I technically “celebrated” my birthday a day before (e.g. attending Sunday Mass and had a simple celebration at home), going to a Eucharistic Celebration right on the actual date had been my way of celebrating my day for the past years. Unfortunately, I never heard a single bell ringing! 😦
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Double Surprise: Mother’s Day and Thanksgiving Celebration

Hey, hey! I’m totally back after being a procrastinator this past few days. But hey, blame me after reading this post, ok? 😛 Getting back only means posting lots and lots and a whole lot more entries before my time runs out this week. Geez, I’ve got a lot of things to do (in order to secure my future 😀 ) when I’ll come back to Davao so you see, clocks ticking all the time. I need to chase it right away! 😀 😀

And I really sound like a freak here, don’t you think? 😀 😛
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