Men in the Mountains

As a mountaineer myself, it’s been a privilege to meet people so young (and not so young alike) willing to pursue their passion into mountain climbing. Apart from reaching the peak and take wonderful shots to boast in social media, it is equally interesting to let them know that the journey towards becoming a responsible mountaineers will be as hard as ascending into the steep trail. Knowledge and skills on mountaineering as well as the heart and mind of a true mountaineer will be their weapon to this passion.

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Solo Backpacking: Lake Holon

Here’s for my second leg of adventure in Lake Holon. Nyay! 😀


Originally, I planned to post to make a draft that is only good for one post. Then, suddenly, I found myself reminiscing all the memories, small and big details alike until I realized, one post isn’t good enough. Hah! So here’s for my second treat. First one if here. 😉
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All about Summer

Summer posts are yet to come!

Idle? Nope, it’s just simply because summer isn’t over yet!

Some of the things I’d really love to share. Haha ❤

  1. My first ever solo backpacking in Lake Holon last April.

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Adios Holon! 😭

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2. Intro dive. Hmm I’m trying to go deep down! 😀


  1. How about being accepted after a year’s initiation? all for the love of the mountains! ❤

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White house bringin' that Spanish vibe.

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  1. And I’m up to inland resort as well. Argh! The most uncommon thin for me. 😛


  1. And yep! If you follow me closely enough in IG, you’ll see my bunch of paintings I have posted to reciprocate my frustration for arts. Oh bad, I only know how to appreciate.


And there’s more to come. HAHAHA


Until then.

VIII|Major Climb: Descend

Gush, I personally couldn’t believe I made a total of eight series for this one Major Climb. Haha I just really wanted to maximize everything and this ain’t the first time however. Nothing still beats the record of the Hashtag: MTDoV Series.

Well yeah. Just what the title suggests, this post is intended for the culmination of our three-day climb.

We started fixing our tents as well as keeping our trashes around 9 am in the morning. It took as mush time to prepare our meals and fetch water from a distant.


Photo Credit: Shobe Cadigal

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VII|Major Climb: Around the Campsite

If you noticed, I practically leave things unattended these days. One of which is to finish this Major Climb Series we did last December. But I realized, things will keep on hunting me until I finished what I started.

So here it goes. As I promised on my previous post, I’ll try to tour you around the camp site using the pictures my co-aspirant, Shobe Cadigal, captured for herself. Thanks Shob! 🙂



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VI|Major Climb: Sunsets and Sunrise

It took me so long but here it is.

Well, aside from the summit itself, two things we really wanted to experience were the sunset and the sunrise.

We really thanked God for the good weather and members for giving us this one-time experience. The wind was really blowing hard and it gave us chills with our bones being the most affected. 😀


I never knew how to survive the night knowing that temperature could drop into negative at any moment. Well, not to mention other perks of being an aspirant myself.  

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V|Major Climb: Summit of Mt. Apo


Mt. Apo’s version of Sea of Clouds and is facing Davao gulf

21st day of December at 2:31 pm…


The climax of our long journey happened when we finally conquered the ever infamous Davao peak. I was suddenly speechless for a few moment so I kinda decided to take a video instead.

The feeling was extraordinary and the view was undoubtedly phenomenal. It reserved the right to be called Philippine’s highest peak. Clearly, Mt. Apo is one true landmark.  Continue reading

IV|Major Climb: Crater

Hooray to the fourth entry of the series I entitled Major Climb. ❤

This time, as I’ve said with the earlier  entry, the wind was stronger than ever. Nah! I wasn’t really fun of freezing temperature but that’s part of it. 😀 That was an ultimate tagos to the bones if you know what I mean! 😛


I wouldn’t even deny that I enjoyed the place even at the very short time. Who wouldn’t enjoy the picturesque view of a basin-like crater with an estimated knee-length deep water and the wall of rock surrounding the crater itself.

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III|Major Climb: White Sand

I knew when I had too many good memories to share because I tend to chop them off into pieces. Did I use the right term? 😀 😀 😀

By the way, if you ever think of beaches upon reading the words, White Sand, you better think twice. Aside from being the continuation for the my previous post, probably the reason why it was called as such because of the limestone dominating around the place.


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II|Major Climb: Gigantic Boulders


‘Tis was the second day (December 21st).

The day when we were bound to reach gigantic boulders, be swept away by strong winds at the summit, shiver ourselves to death due to dropping temperature and be constantly amazed by nature.

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