EPOL Falls: Adventure in the Most Unexpected Way


Team-building ain’t be no fun without a little bit of adventure. And since they got me all in charge of the activities,  mind as well give them its perks. After all, adventure is what excites me most, regardless of its intensity.

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Creating Moments to Last: Haze Haven Resort


Now this post, though it might appear to be another getaway, but I could share my fare share on the kind of life we’re having at this moment.

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Tricks and Treats not the Easter Way

Alright, here’s few confessions I must tell you:

I’m obsessed with travelling. I guess it’s one way of rewarding myself ‘coz I ain’t materialistic by nature. Now, that’s the treat!

Another thing is, with travelling, I have other things to share aside from my inner rants I wish I could just freely express every minute of the day or could just simply look for a great shock absorber. My bad, I haven’t seen one, YET. 😉

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Tinuy-an Falls and its Wonders

So yippy!

As promised in my IG post, I would finally get to end this overdue post for once and for all.


12968644_10209112406555484_678764369_nDuring our 2-day with three-stop escapade, I’ve learned to appreciate my homeland, Mindanao. We’ve got so many things to offer for locals and foreigners alike. Continue reading

Totally Enchanted in Hinatuan Enchanted River



Taken during fish feeding.

When you hear the word “enchanted”, what would come to your mind first? Would you say it’s a total mystery, bewitched or spelled? Well, let’s find out.

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Workin’ and Chillin’

IMG_2503Now that I’m legitimately employed in a BPO company, it’s always been important to set some time for leisure. The celebration has many reasons though. It was the first payout, team building with the team, getting to know our ever interesting team leader and preparation for increasing job responsibility all at the same time.

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