On Taking Decisions and Welcoming Consequences

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Post Thoughts

Okay, this seems to be the most awkward post ever. Why?

Recently,  a lot of things just keep on coming.  It never stops until I bleed. It never forgives, it never reconsiders. This is just the way it is since then. Its unforgiving nature forces you to get back, fight harder and do better. No reconciliation,  just pure actions.

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Thoughts on Thoughts

Idle days aren’t so bad. And I ain’t talking about my daily life because a graduating student (yes I am!! 😀 :D) is at the fourth phase of her internship! To set this straight, I’m talking about my not-so-active-days-on-the-blog! Each time that passes by reminds me of so many things- from my regrets to the most celebrated days of my college life! So to start up, I just wanna share some of my deepest thoughts.
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