EPOL Falls: Adventure in the Most Unexpected Way


Team-building ain’t be no fun without a little bit of adventure. And since they got me all in charge of the activities,  mind as well give them its perks. After all, adventure is what excites me most, regardless of its intensity.

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Men in the Mountains

Trek with the next generation of responsible mountaineers.

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As a mountaineer myself, it’s been a privilege to meet people so young (and not so young alike) willing to pursue their passion into mountain climbing. Apart from reaching the peak and take wonderful shots to boast in social media, it is equally interesting to let them know that the journey towards becoming a responsible mountaineers will be as hard as ascending into the steep trail. Knowledge and skills on mountaineering as well as the heart and mind of a true mountaineer will be their weapon to this passion.

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Twenty Firsts

Upon looking from the title itself, what will you guess? I’m actually thinking about that! 😀

As if it’s not obvious enough but I do really post a lot about the events and the places I’ve traveled so far. Partly, it’s because I want this site to be my travel online diaries and my home for my first “firsts”. Hehe Speaking of first, I want to share to you the twenty “firsts” which I considered to be worthy enough to draw a post.
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