Into Mt. Talomo: My Different Kind of Date

10945552_1307999299222951_685090120272855624_nSo this one belongs to my post- Valentine entry and travel diary as well. 😀 😀 It was funny to think how this journey opened doors to me. I was late for the meeting because I had prior activity but thing was, something had driven me to drop by at the office. T’was really unusual but then as I had arrived, everybody left as expected except for some people. I felt guilty about it knowing that I could have been there earlier if I wanted to. So to divert my attention, we spent the remaining hours talking which eventually led to the invitation of mountain climbing. It was Wednesday evening, two days before the exact date for climbing. Two-day versus one-month of supposed to be the ideal prep for a major climb. Continue reading



In a period mark by adversities, it always fascinates me how every Filipino tries to recuperate and face another beginning of their lives. It’s phenomenal. You see them mourn and grow. They never cease to live for as long as there will be “support” to which they have drawn their strength. Continue reading